Understanding the Role of Batch Files

Batch files are important to assist programmers when doing repetitive tasks. Here I examine some of the ways batch files are used in your computer.

When a computer needs to run a preset list of commands a batch file is used. A batch file is actually a very simple form of programming. It uses commands to tell the computer what to do and when to do it. It can be designed to start and stop executing until it receives some feedback from an operator. These files are commonly used in DOS and Windows operating systems. For those familiar with larger computer systems, a batch file is related to the Job Control Language.

Batch files do work that needs to be done either on a regular basis or when the same job needs to be done over and over for some reason. Most batch files help control your computer's boot commands. The operating system opens up a batch file and begins to execute the commands until it has exhausted the file. It may then move on to other batch files until everything has been accomplished to have your computer up, running, and ready for you to use it.

Most batch files are not extremely lengthy. In fact, many have less than 10 commands. Various programs contained in software that you install on your computer may use a batch file or several batch files to execute the commands to install or run the programs. This same thing is true for those updates to various anti-virus and spyware programs. Batch files are extremely common even if you do not see them.

On most versions of Windows you can identify a batch file by noticing that it has the suffix ".bat." Batch files are executable although they do not have the ".exe" suffix. It is a good plan not to delete any .bat files from your computer if you are not sure about what they do. Of course, if some of your monitoring software warns you that it is a dangerous file place on your computer maliciously, you may need to wipe it out.

Programmers like batch files because they can make their work easier or at least shorter. Any time a programmer needs for a computer to do the same set of commands for a dozen or a hundred times, the programmer will use a batch file. A batch file can be set to run through its commands for a specific number of passes by using an internal counter. It can also use that same counter to modify user or file names that are to be built or accessed during each pass. This allows a programmer to pull the same data from many files with a short set of commands or to create many similar files.

Unless you are on course to become a computer geek, you may never write or personally call up a batch file. You will use many of them many times. Batch files have been around as long as computers. They have gone by different names, but they all do the task.

How to Fix Slow Computers

Ever have trouble with your internet? It’s slow and stubbornly refuses to download that image, but you have one of the fastest internet available? Well it might not be the internet; it’s possible that you actually have a memory problem.

There are some simple ways to help eliminate this annoying burden, one being to simply run disk cleanup which will help you clean up many un-necessary files. You can find “disk cleanup” usually on your control panel in the maintenance section, or by going to start all programs accessories, then system tools, and finally clicking on disk clean up, if you can't find it you can always search your help for “disk cleanup” and your computer will lead you to it.

After running disk clean up you could also run “disk defragmenter” which is located in the same position as the “disk clean up” program. This will take and re-arrange the files on your computer to help it run more smoothly.

Of course, another alternative is to manually delete all unnecessary files you have stored on your computers…that being said, “un-necessary” could be anything from a program you haven't used in forever to that picture you mean to touch up but just haven't gotten to. It's not exactly the preferred solution, after all who wants to wade through all there stuff to determine what's junk and what's not?
The Best Solution

Now these methods all work yes, but it's not exactly the best thing in the world to have to do them every so many hours just to get your computer to run at a decent speed. The most optimum solution then, is to increase your computers actual memory size. There are a number of computer stores you can go to which will sell it. Most should also offer a service to install the memory as well, one which I know does offer this service is Best Buy, but there are surely others; you will simply have to bring the processor to them so they can install the memory.

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Protect Your Computer: 10 Free and Useful Antivirus

Hello again! Today I will give you a list of the 30 best Antivirus to protect your computer. You can download them in one link, by direct download.

Abacre Antivirus 1.3

bacre is a new weapon to fight against the informatic plague that the viruses are. It protects your pc against viruses, trojans and bugs.

Active Virus Shield

Active Virus Shield is a free system, supported by AOL and based in the powerful antivirus engine of Kaspersky Labs. It is so simple that you can install, config and start using it in minutes.

AntiPharming 1.30

This application was created in order to prevent "Pharming". You can install it in your PC and it will check the websites that you visit and protect your PC against this recent-created activity.

Avast Home 4.8

Home is a powerful, functional and well-known antivirus. It can detect a large list of viruses, trojans, bugs, rootkits and spywares. It also checks your PC with great efficiency, cleaning it in real time.

AVG Free Edition 8.0

Grisoft has recently created the new 8.0 AVG. This corporation says that this version has a lot of facilities and is much better than previous editions. Some of the innovations are a LinkScanner and a WebShield module.

Comodo AntiVirus 2.0 Beta

Altough this antivirus is free, it has a lot of advantages and good options. You can make 3 kinds of analysis: Fasts, Generals or periodics. It has automatic actualizations and support for e-mail analysis.

NOD32 Anti-Virus System

This is, perhaps, the best antivirus in the market, and you can get it for free here. It is one of the fastest and powerful antivirus. It also has automatic actualizations and it works in all versions of MS Windows.

Norton Antivirus 2008

Norton Internet Security is a complete set of security tools for your computer. You will have a full FireWall, internet privacity, e-mail scan, and many other useful applications. It is also one of the most known antivirus.

TrojanHunter 4.7

As its name says, it will defend your computer from Trojans. TrojanHunter checks the Registry files, memory and disk drives, to detect any trace of Trojan, including new Trojans.

Windows Defender 1593

Windows Defender is an utility with which you can easily remove spyware that have infiltrated your PC, while you are protected so that they do not 'enter' more, as do the antivirus software with viruses.

The Future of GNOME in GNU/Linux

Does GNOME Have a Foreseeable Prominent Future with the Advent of KDE 4, OS X Leopard, and Windows 7?With the advent of nicer GUI's for the end user, one has to wonder how GNOME is going to stack up. GNOME hasn't ever been one to say it's all about a flashy desktop, with a lot of bells and whistles,
but it has been accepted as a quaint desktop environment. The reason lies in the simplicity present of a GNOME install -- there isn't much to see at first glance.

GNOME totes around simplicity as a means to end. That's great, but it can also lead to a lack of innovation. With simplicity, it's hard to create something slick and new. When something of the like comes across (with new features and a new look), an uncanny valley occurs. We revolt at the new; the innovation leads us to think poorly of the actual innovation.

When Windows Vista was released, many relished it's new features and were happy to play around with them. The new Aero Glass theme was a huge item for debate, and many seemed to like the user interface. To oppose, if you were to scour the internet, you will find others who are disgusted by the new interface. There are a bunch of blogs about it as well, with many people saying Vista's interface mars the Windows appeal. To give an analogy to these claims: Windows Vista is Windows XP but dressed up for a beauty pageant, fake and unappealing in all it's glory. Although that analogy is for the look and feel of Windows Vista, there are features that Vista has that Windows XP does not, many of them actually. Regardless of how much better Windows Vista is as an operating system, many people refuse to look at that aspect due to how the operating systems looks and feels.

Windows 7 follows the view of GNOME with updates but without changing the entire interface (at least for now). Yes, Windows 7 has revamped the task bar but it's not a complete change like XP to Vista. Windows 7 is very much Windows Vista with user interface refinements and added features. Users used to Windows Vista will have little problem with Windows 7 in terms of appeal. Even the users whom disliked Windows Vista should be warmer to Windows 7 as the shock of Windows Vista will have warn off, and the look of Windows 7 will be somewhat expected, allowing a transition to the new software.KDE 4.2 was released two days ago on January 27th, 2009. KDE 4 aims to provide a very nice, appealing interface to get work done efficiently in a pleasing way. Again, the uncanny valley effect has s
hown its ugly head. Many people were put off with KDE 4, being die-hard KDE 3 fans. KDE 3 and GNOME have always been similar in the way of approaching how the desktop should look. The differences lie in how the desktop was actually implemented. With KDE 4, new technology came into play, like Phonon, Oxygen, Plasma, Motion Physics, etc. While remarkably changes to how a desktop environment should behave and look like, it gives a bit of a learning curve to users used to KDE 3. The changes are dramatic, and it has put some users off of the new look.

Now OS X has been through a lot of changes, and most of them are in the style of GNOME. Refining the UI (user interface) and providing features for users. With Leopard, Apple shot the iconic Menu Bar in the foot and changed it's look by making it semi-transparent with sharp corners. Leopard also aims to unify the interface by getting rid of the brushed metal look and providing a more iTunes-ish interface. Although not that big of change, a quick look online will show users are upset by this fact, also by the fact that the scrollbars are still in the Aqua era (watery blue) for the entire operating system, except for iTunes. A big change was the Dock that users were so familiar with from OS X Cheetah all the way to OS X Tiger. In Leopard, the Dock becomes three-dimensional (in the sense of being on a two-dimensional screen) and gets a reflective coating. Many users found this Dock to be a step back from the prior Dock. It was soon found out that you could change the dock to a two-dimensional Dock (regardless of Dock placement) with a single bash command, although this Dock is still different from Dock of prior OS X iterations.

This is why GNOME is adamant about simplicity. They want to create something that people can get familiar with. With each iteration of the GNOME desktop, the user interface doesn't get a make-over. It's added to, or refined, building upon what is known to create something better. The same philosophy is true for humans. We learn from our and/or other's mistakes. We build upon our wisdom and hopefully enhance ourselves. Seems only right to follow this line of thinking if we follow this thinking day-to-day.

GNOME has said that the release of GNOME 2.30 is equal to GNOME 3.0. Meaning, when GNOME 2.30 comes around, it will be called GNOME 3.0 with a different UI. So where does GNOME stand? Will GNOME follow it's roots and stay close to the previous user-interface? Will it maintain it's simplicity roots? Or will GNOME follow the role of the other software companies and completely revamp the user interface?There isn't anything wrong with changing the entire interface. It's what leads to innovation. Stagnating with the regular GNOME release type has it's drawbacks as innovation is minimal in comparison
to KDE 4 and Vista. But I think GNOME should follow it's roots and build upon what they know. Take a step further and follow human ways by learning from other's mistakes like the mistakes of KDE 4, Vista, Windows 7, Leopard. Take that knowledge and develop something grand.

Not to say KDE 4, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X Leopard are mistakes, because they are not. It's a different approach. I hope GNOME takes an approach that is a hybrid of what we've seen so far. I feel that is innovation in itself. Although people get used to the jarring new effects of a new interface, it will bode well if people don't have to get used to new interface but adapt quickly and naturally as it's a natural progression into something better than before, yet very close to home.

Trojan found in pirated Apple iWork software

Internet security firm Intego said on Thursday that it has discovered a new Trojan horse in pirated copies of Apple's iWork '09 productivity software that could allow an attacker to take control of the infected computer.

The Trojan horse, OSX.Trojan.iServices.A, discovered circulating in copies of the software on BitTorrent trackers and other pirate sites, is rated serious, according to Intego's security alert.

When iWork is installed, the Trojan is installed as a start-up item as a part of iWorkServices. It has read-write-execute permissions for root control of the computer, Intego said. The malware connects to a remote server over the Internet and may download additional components to the infected computer.

As of early Thursday, at least 20,000 people had downloaded the iWork '09 installer, according to Intego.

Meanwhile, an Italian researcher has uncovered a way to inject malicious code into memory of OS X-based computers, which would enable attackers to easily hide their activities, according to The Register.

Shockwave, Flash Player, Sun Java Download for Online Games

Learn how to update and download shockwave, flash player, and java to play online games.

With the online gaming communities staying ahead all the others sites when it comes to internet activities. Keeping your shockwave, flash player, and java updated will help keep those online game sites running. Shockwave, flash player, and java, besides the game site servers, is what keeps the online games working properly.

An outdated shockwave, flash player, and java will cause errors on many online game sites. The outdated shockwave, flash player, and java will cause errors, such as the window closing unexpectedly, the games to freeze or even not to open.

Rather than cause unneeded stress while trying to relax playing your favorite online games. Check weekly to make sure the shockwave, flash player, and java are up-to-date on the computer. This is easier and less of a hassle than anyone would think. To update shockwave, flash player, and java for your computer follow the instructions below and on the Websites provided.
Shockwave and Flash Player Test and Downloads

Both downloads on the site will work for Windows Operating Systems 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista. However, you will need to choose which browser, for example Internet Explorer, that you are using when surfing the internet and playing your games on. Choosing the wrong browser downloads will not download the shockwave or flash player correctly.

The shockwave and flash player are available for Macs as well. Choosing the correct download format for the Mac that you are using with the correct browser is just as important as it is to any other computer.

Take a few moments during the week to visit this site * to test your shockwave. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Test Your Macromedia Authorware Web Player Installation.” Once the site checks your Macromedia Authorware Player, it will tell you if you have it installed or not on your computer.

If no one has installed the shockwave on the computer, visit this site ** to download the shockwave components. Always download the highest numbered shockwave download for optimum playing pleasure.

NOTE: Newly downloaded shockwave and flash players will require restarting your computer. Not restarting your computer after downloads are finished, will not let the shockwave and flash player work properly. If you don't reboot after downloads are finished, you must uninstall both and start again.
Java Download

Java allows a person to talk to others in chat, play online games or even view objects in 3D. Java is another download that is needed in order for online games to work properly. This is why it is

important to have java downloaded with shockwave and real player. Each online game site requires at least two, if not all three of these applications, in order to play some to all of their games. To download java from Sun on your computer visit Sun Microsystems to gain access to this download.

NOTE: This download may also require the restart of the computer it is being downloaded. If the restart is not done after the download, uninstallation and reinstallation will need to be done.

How To Sync A Wii Remote To The Nintendo Wii

Here's how to sync another Wii remote to the Nintendo Wii, so that you can have fun playing multiplayer video games.

Credit: Almost Monumental Productions
Copyright: Almost Monumental Productions

Iphone Killer

Apple Iphone has launched the awaited Iphone last June. And now, an Iphone Killer will be launched in the Fall.I've been so fascinated with gadgets that I am finding it so difficult in comparing phones and what phone model to buy. Particularly with the latest hit in the cell phone world. Apple Iphone. Yes it has been released and launched last June. Since I am from Asia and knowing that it will launch by 2008, I tried finding alternatives. And there it is..
Sony Ericsson W960i

* 8 gb memory (phone memory)
* Touch screen with Stylus
* 3G capable 3.2 megapixel camera
* Walkman Player
* Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP)
* TrackID (let's you track song names, singers,etc.)
* Infrared
* FM Radio
* Photo Flash & Light
* Video Recording
* Opera Web browser
* Usb 2.0PLUS
* Wi:Fi!

This is definitely going to be an Iphone Killer when it launches by expected date of December 2007 and 2008 in Asia.
Setbacks of the Iphone are:

1. Difficulty in typing
2. Lack of stylus
3. Not 3G
4. Locked

In selecting either Sony Ericsson W960i and Apple Iphone. I'd go for the Iphone Killer.. I will definitely buy the Sony Ericsson W960i when it launches in Asia by 2008. It can easily be unlocked, more advantages than the Iphone because of its overall features. Not to mention that the Sony Ericsson W960i is lighter than the Iphone.

This is just to give some advices to my fellow Asians or those who haven't bought the Iphone yet. The Sony Ericsson W960i will definitely be a match or better than the Iphone.

Sony, Microsoft, Wii

Sony better pick things up, or they're going to be out of business.

OK...I've been keeping up with the E3 event lately. Reading a crap! Load of blogs and forums about the Next Gen. I am very sad to say that Sony isn't doing good AT ALL! Always been a HUGE fan of PS and quite frankly I'm tired of hearing all of the bullspit babble about the XBOX 360. It SUX really bad the only reason it's still on the board next to Sony is because it has a larger game variety...but if you take it down to scale the graphics don't even measure up towards the PS3...and WTF is up with the 360's lame attempts at bringing PC games into console, like seriously dude if any of you guys have seen what the 360 did to Supreme Commander you would poo your pants! Controls are awkward, commands sluggish, and the graphics are just simply TRASH!

I do have to say that I am completely disappointed by Sony, and unless they pull something REALLY REALLY big outta there box at the E3 they are gonna get crushed. The net loss in the Sony Company is already up to 3.3billion since the launch of the PS3. I mean it's not exactly Sony's fault for spending 4x as much time and effort into making GREAT games instead of just throwing some things together and throwing it on the shelves(as the 360 does) and that's the only reason it sells because it's a 360 game. 2/3 of the 360 games are easily comparable to that of the PS2 graphics! I'm hoping that Sony will surprise me with something good, because if they don't they might be outta business sometime in the near future.

On another note I don't think Sony, nor has Microsoft to worry about Nintendo lol. Nintendo is in a league of its own and everyone is going to get there hands on the new goodies for the Wii console. And like always they will probably whip up something good for the convention.

European launch of the Playstation 3 (PS3)

The PS3 that will be launched on 17 November at the European market will approximately cost a 100 Euros more than the Xbox 360 of Microsoft.

Gamers in Europe who wish to buy the newest game computer of Sony, the Playstation 3 (PS3), must be willing to pay its price. The PS3 that will be launched on 17 November at the European market will approximately cost a 100 Euros more than the Xbox 360 of Microsoft.

European consumers can buy the simplest version of the PS3 for 499 Euros. Game-freaks that want to obtain the more luxury variant will have to spend another 100 Euros. The extensive Xbox 360 is currently offered in shops for about 400 Euros.

Sony presented its newest generation game computers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. Gamers can not wait to have possession of the Playstation 3 that actually would have been in the shops this spring. Problems with the DVD-player that works with the new blue-ray-technique caused a delay for the launch.

Xbox 360

Because of the delay of the PS3, there is almost no competition for the Xbox 360 from Microsoft. However, Microsoft has difficulties to answer the demand of its Xbox 360 because of a limited production capacity. Sony thinks to have two million game computers available at the introduction in November. At the end of the year there will yet be another two million in the stores available. At present time Sony is the market leader in the gaming industry.

In the tough competition between Microsoft and Sony, the Japanese innovator of characters as Mario and Pokémon didn’t play a role with the GameCube. The enterprise wants to rebound through innovation. The Wii, as the successor of the GameCube is called, has a steering remote control which gives the gamers the possibility to move for instance a tennis racket by moving their arms.

Movement sensor

However at the presentation of the PS3 it appeared that Sony already copied this trick from Nintendo. The steering of the PS3 has been equipped with a movement sensor. During a demonstration in Los Angeles, a virtual duck jumped out of the water through movement of the controller.

The list of games that are available for the PS3 in November, isn’t yet complete. Sony has showed some games such as a shooting game and a ninja fighting game.

Three Reasons Why Macs are Better Than Pcs

A lot of people are switching to Macintosh computers nowadays, and other people, non "geeky" people, have no clue why.

Today I am going to talk to you about a subject that I am very passionate about- why Macs are better than PCs. Macs are now the fastest rising brand of computers, and are quickly becoming more popular than their competitor- the PCs – as they should be, of course. But, as a result, lately many people have been questioning the rising of Macintosh computers. In a world where technology is improving every day, and everyone wants the best possible electronic that they can get, people don’t know whether to buy a Mac or a PC. Today, I’m going to talk to you about what the right decision is. I’m going to talk about why buying a Mac is the right choice. As an avid Mac user, I know about all the benefits of a Mac. I have also used a PC for years, so I know about them as well…so you can trust me to give you fair and legitimate reasons as to why Macs are better.

Anyways, enough with all that…let’s get down to business. Today, I have three main points to talk to you about. Three vital reasons, why Macs are by far, better computers to buy instead of PCs.

Firstly, I want to bring up the point of security. Macs are much much more secure than PCs. The chances of getting a virus on a Macintosh are greatly less than the chances of getting a virus on a PC. In fact, research shows that “Other than word macro viruses, there are over 20,000 PC viruses, yet only 40-80 Mac ones.” (Idol, 2001) Thus, by using a Mac you have a drastically less chance of getting a virus, trojan, or worm that could ruin your computer. Furthermore, even if you do happen to get one, there is no Mac virus that can destroy your hardware. For Windows, there are viruses that can wipe out the flash BIOS which would result in the computer being totally unusable (Idol, 2001). But because Macs are UNIX based, viruses cannot access and destroy the actual computer, and if by chance you do end up getting one of the rare viruses, the worst that can happen is that it destroys the software that you have installed. This means that you, as a Mac user, would not have to install and run additional security programs that could slow your computer down. Another thing with Macs is that you don’t have to keep on reformatting your hard drive or defragmenting it every so often (Haug, 2008). Unlike for Windows, which recommends reformatting once every year, Macs are continuously defragmenting themselves. This makes them more stable than other computers that run Windows, and it also frees the user of the burden of having to defragment or reformat every so often.

My second reason why Macs are better than PCs is because they have the ability to run virtually any program made for computers, while PCs do not. Many people withhold from buying Macs because they feel that they will not be able to run their favorite applications, programs, or games – but in fact, they are wrong. They can actually, run any program meant for Windows on a Mac. This is allowed by a program that Apple created, called “Boot Camp”. Boot Camp is a free program that comes preinstalled on every Mac that comes with Mac OS X- basically every Mac that you but from now on (Apple, 2008). What Boot Camp does, is that it creates a new partition on your Macs’ hard drive, on which Windows is installed. With this program, a user can just shut their Mac down, and restart their computer in Windows, which makes their Mac come up and act just like a PC – and according to tests run by “Popular Mechanics”, Windows runs even better on Macs than on PCs with the same specs. (Meagher, April 2008) As a result, a user is able to run programs and software that are meant for PCs on a Mac. It is not slower or missing any features, and is exactly the same as if a user was using Windows on a PC.

A common question asked is that if this is possible on a PC. Can a windows user emulate Mac OS X on a PC, and run all the programs that are meant for Macs? The answer is that there are no legal programs that allow this, and the illegal ones only work on some computers. The reason being is because the operating system for Macs is designed for the special Apple hardware, while the Windows Operating System is used on various hardware designed by different companies. As a result, it is not possible to run Mac on a PC, but it is possible to run Windows on a Mac. Wouldn’t one think that Mac AND Windows is much better than just Windows?

Windows 7: A More In-Depth Look

Microsoft has done many things with the new OS such as windows Aero features and new support features they have also included new programs and taken away some features of the operating system. They have also reduced the strain on computers with a more condensed and stable build. On benchmarks I have concluded that while running windows 7 beta with Aero the computer has preformed better then with windows vista without Aero.
Windows 7 Action center

Windows 7 has included with it a program they call Action center; it is used to alert people of problems that the computer has had.

The windows 7 Action center is pretty easy to use, it is everything that you would need support and maintenance wide congealed into one program. It includes features such as alerts, backup support, tells you whether there are updates, ways to trouble shoot, and many other features. It really helps to simplify the windows experience when dealing with computer or software based issues.
Windows live essentials

Windows 7 has taken some programs out of the OS; these include programs like windows movie makes, windows live mail, windows photo gallery, and windows live messenger. It also some new programs such as the windows live writer. To receive the windows live essentials you will have to download them and install them onto your computer yourself.

Aside from the windows live essentials there has been a revamp in the old windows programs such as paint, msn, and windows explorer. There has also been a change with the way networking happens with the new windows mesh feature. These changes have all been implemented to help simplify the windows experience and in my opinion I really think they do help with simplification.
Windows Aero

With the many program changes windows Aero hasn't gone unnoticed either. Some new features that are included with the new windows Aero include a new taskbar format, slideshow desktop wallpapers, effects, and features. A very interesting new effect that comes with windows Aero would be what I like to call the shake feature. Pretty much what you do is you click and grab the program windows and you shake it, when you do this all the other windows around it will minimize. When you shake the window again all the other windows will un minimize! It is a really neat feature and it is really fun to play with!

In the screenshot you can see that I was able to capture the screen right before the Action center windows could minimize. This video is choppy but I hope you can depict what I am basically doing.

The windows 7 Action center is pretty easy to use, it is everything that you would need support and maintenance wide congealed into one program. It includes features such as alerts, backup support, tells you whether there are updates, ways to trouble shoot, and many other features. It really helps to simplify the windows experience when dealing with computer or software based issues.
Windows live essentials

Windows 7 has taken some programs out of the OS; these include programs like windows movie makes, windows live mail, windows photo gallery, and windows live messenger. It also some new programs such as the windows live writer. To receive the windows live essentials you will have to download them and install them onto your computer yourself.

Aside from the windows live essentials there has been a revamp in the old windows programs such as paint, msn, and windows explorer. There has also been a change with the way networking happens with the new windows mesh feature. These changes have all been implemented to help simplify the windows experience and in my opinion I really think they do help with simplification.
Windows Aero

With the many program changes windows Aero hasn't gone unnoticed either. Some new features that are included with the new windows Aero include a new taskbar format, slideshow desktop wallpapers, effects, and features. A very interesting new effect that comes with windows Aero would be what I like to call the shake feature. Pretty much what you do is you click and grab the program windows and you shake it, when you do this all the other windows around it will minimize. When you shake the window again all the other windows will un minimize! It is a really neat feature and it is really fun to play with!

In the screenshot you can see that I was able to capture the screen right before the Action center windows could minimize. This video is choppy but I hope you can depict what I am basically doing.

Launchy: The New Launcher

Have you heard about the new launcher?

I bet you guys have used many different types of launchers like docks, sidebar gadgets and all sorts of other stuff but have you actually used a small light weight software which hides in your computers background until you summon it up?

Well the here it is :

Launchy : A new software.

Launchy is actually new on the market but the small piece of great software which actually replace the use use of heavy docks.

With this software on your PC you can forget about the start-menu and all sorts of other gadgets.

That is how you Launchy will look like.

You desktop
will be normal until you press ALT+SPACE

This cool gadget is very light weight and will definitely make your desktop look much neater and you can get rid of those ugly desktop shortcuts.

This powerful software come with a couple
of skins but you can download loads more from the net.

So got ahead and give it a try...

TIP-Want to start your computer within seconds?

TIP-Want to start your computer within seconds?
Have you ever waited over a minute just waiting for your computer to start-up? Follow the easy steps to be able to start up or restart within SECONDS

1) Open "run" from the start menu.

2) Type "Regedit" and enter (--opens Registry Editor--)

3) This may take a few minutes but search for the folder


4) After finding the folder find the Key Called "Startup Delay"

5) Double Click On It

6) A new window will come up and there will be a box named "base" with hexadecimal ticked

7) Tick Decimal

8) Its Default value Is 4800000

9) Change The value To 50000

10) Close everything including the registry editor and restart your computer.

How to Create a PC Shut Down Program

Hello, i'm going to teach You, how to create a PC shuting down program yourself. It's very good thing to fool your friend's
So let's get started. Open a NotePad program. Whrite this text in NotePad shutdown -s -t 'time till PC shut's down' -c "Text, that will be showed when the program start's" It will look like this shutdown -s -t 120 -c "I'm going to shut down." 120 means second's till PC shut down, but you can enter your time.

After you entered the text, press Save As... Save your program entered name of that file and .bat, It'll look like this shutdown.bat and save. Now, to 100% fake your friend's, press that file properties and change icon and choose any icon you want, when you chosen an icon press save. That's all, you have a PC shut down program, you can send it to your friend's or fake you family, by leaving that item on the bacground. Remember, the better name you choose, the better thing, that people gonna open it.

Ajax Web Applications at the Forefront of the Web 2.0 Revolution

As Web applications become more sophisticated, users can easily develop Web pages, create a blog, and upload their audios and videos easily. Today web users are becoming the news by reporting current
events faster then the professional news media and with more insight. AJAX software implementations make interacting with the web interfaces faster, and can allow for widget type mini-applications to live within HTML hypertext pages comfortably. We're entering a golden age period of friendly user interface with unbelievable innovation, as web 2.0 developers are finally able to build web applications as good or better then the PC-based desktop applications of yesterday. This shows that the developer community is embracing open, standards-based solutions and Ajax software.

Ajax, abreviation for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is the web 2.0 development software of choice for creating interactive web applications. It makes web pages feel more responsive by exchanging smaller amounts of data with the server in the background. This way the entire web page does not have to be reloaded each time the user makes a change. Their ease of use makes it simpler for users to compose blogs and assemble mashups. Because mashups leverage data and services from public domain websites and free web applications, they're simple to implement and they are built with a minimal amount of code. Their obvious business benefit is that they can be quickly implemented at very little development cost and the will improve your user satisfaction. The richer user-experience
afforded by Ajax software application has given birth to web 2.0 websites that act as PC- desktop applications, such as word processing or spreadsheet. The next step in this web 2.0 evolution will transform Ajax applications into new communications tools like the iPhone or iPod Touch connecting users to each other through web server channels. The key to this transformation lies with Ajax Push, a technique that gives the server the ability to update any part of any page at any time.In conclusion I would say that the AJAX methodology and software is the tool of choice to create better web-based application. Web-based tools and SaaS On-demand applications are fast becoming the pre
ferred method of online software delivery, providing users with more value, convenience, mobility, and usability. Also encouraging a more constructive community social interaction that is driven by its users and data. These new innovative web 2.0 online tools are now starting to become a serious interest in the business community.

The Best Way of Installing a Hard Disk Drive

How to install IDE devices such as a Hard Disk, CD-ROM/DVD and Floppy diskette Drives.
Your main board has a primary and secondary IDE channel interface (IDE 1 & IDE 2). An IDE ribbon cable supporting two IDE devices is bundled with the main board.

If you want to install more than two IDE devices, get a second IDE cable and you can add two more devices to the secondary IDE channel.

IDE devices have jumpers or switches that are used to set the IDE devices as Master or Slave. Please, refer to your IDE device Manual. As you are installing two IDE devices on one cable, ensure that one device is set to Master and the other to Slave.
Installing a Hard-Disk Drive:

Steps in installing the hard disk drive:

1. Fix in your hardware (hard disk drive) into the drive cage in Fix in your hardware (hard disk drive) into the drive cage in your system case. Make sure that, it is position well in the case and tighten well.
2. Plug the IDE cable into IDE1 in the main board. (Note: Ribbon cable connectors are usually keyed so that they can only be installed correctly on the device connectors. If the connector is not keyed, make sure that you match the pin-1 side of the cable connector with the pin-1 side of the device connector. Each connector has the pin-1 side clearly marked).
3. Plug an IDE cable connector into the hard disk drive IDE connector. It doesn't matter which connector on the cable you use.
4. Plug a power cable from the case power supply into the power connector on the hard disk. You have finished installing your hardware (hard disk drive).

Your hardware is done to be use (Hard Disk Drive).

When you first start up your system, the BIOS should automatically detect your hard disk drive. If it doesn't, enter the setup utility and use the IDE HDD Auto
detect feature to configure the hard disk drive you have installed.

How To: Set Up a Linux Based Server Using Ubuntu

Have you ever wanted your own website, but you don't want to go through someone else for hosting? This is a tutorial on how to set up a HTTP server using Ubuntu Linux Server Edition 8.10.
If you use this tutorial, you will not have to pay someone else for website hosting. However, you will still have to purchase a domain name (.com, .net, .org, or a different Top-Level Domain). You will also have to have your own connection to the internet, with a static IP. This article does NOT cover setting up the port forwarding on your router if you have one, just the set up of the actual server.
Getting Ready

First off, you will need a computer that you do not use for anything else, including surfing the Internet. If you do not have one, you can purchase any brand name computer, or, if you prefer, build one your self. You will also need a broadband internet connection, preferably with a high upload speed.

If you do not have a static IP, or if you do not know if you have a static IP, call your Internet provider. Make sure you write down the static IP, as you will need it later.

You will need to download Ubuntu from the Ubuntu website, and burn it to a CD. This is not the same as burning a music or general data CD. You will want to use your burning program's "Burn from image" feature (the image is a .iso image). If your burning program does not have this feature, you can usually find freeware that does. Make DOUBLE sure that you download the SERVER EDITION of Ubuntu.
Installing Ubuntu

Insert the CD you burned into your CD-ROM or DVD drive, and boot your computer. Some computers will automatically boot from the CD so you can install. For the computers that do not automatically boot from the CD, there will usually be a screen that comes up saying something along the lines of "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD...". This usually gives you a limited amount of time to press any key. Press any key and it will boot from the CD.

After you have booted from the CD, choose the install option. This is a fairly easy step-by-step process. One of the screens will ask you what type of server you wish to install. Choose HTTP or LAMP server (LAMP stands for "Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP server"). After the installation is finished, it will ask you to remove the CD or DVD and restart the computer.
Setting Everything Up

After you have rebooted your computer, you will notice that the operating system successfully installed, but there is no user interface, just a command prombt-like interface. This is called the "Linux Terminal". Ubuntu Server Edition does not come with a desktop
interface installed by default. First, type in your user name and password that you created during installation.

If you are not experienced with the Linux Terminal, you may want to install a desktop evironment. To install the Gnome Desktop environment, type the following into the Terminal:

$ sudo su

[The password you created durring installation]

$ apt-get install gnome-desktop

Or, if you perfer the KDE Desktop evironment, type the following:

$ sudo su

[The password you created during the installation]

$ apt-get install kde-desktop

Please keep in mind that you do NOT type the $ symbols when typing commands. Those are there to let readers of this article know that it is a new command.

After the desktop environment has finished installing, you server is ready to use. The directory you will put your website in is the '/var/www' directory. This can be changed, but changing it involves editing the Apache configuration files. I do not recommend doing this if you are not familiar with those files. I will do another tutorial next week on how to use WordPress with this type of Ubuntu installation.

Installing Windows Server 2003 From Network Share

You can install Windows Server 2003 directly from the CD-Rom or from a network share.

The Windows Server 2003
installation process consists of five stages:

Hard Drive Preparation:
In text mode Setup checks the hard drive for consistency and errors. It allows you to format and create the Windows Server 2003 partition if you need to and copies setup files to the hard drive. Setup then reboots the computer.
Setup Wizard:
The graphical user interface Setup Wizard gathers information from you; such as regional settings, your name and organization, the Windows Server 2003 CD-key, and computer name. The Windows Server 2003 Setup Program then creates the local Administrator user account and requests a password for it.
Installing Network Components:
After the Setup Wizard has gathered the necessary information from you in Stage 2, it begins the network components installation. It detects your network adapter card; allows you to choose which network components, such as the network client, file and printer sharing and protocols, to install; allows you to join a workgroup or domain; and installs the components you have chosen.
Completing the installation:
The Setup Wizard completes the installation by installing the start menu items and applying and saving the configuration settings you chose in the previous stages. It then deletes the temporary setup files and reboots the computer.
Post Installation:
After the installation is complete, you must perform the "Product Activation" and configure your server. You should also check your device manager for undetected or nonfunctioning hardware components.

Installing Windows Server 2003 from a Network Share

To install Windows Server 2003 over the network you must copy the i386 folder from the Windows Server 2003 Installation CD to a shared network folder. You must also ensure that the computer has a can connect to the network share when it has booted.

What is PHP? Learn the Basics

Very simple but effective description of PHP. Learn it to create any kind of website.

You might have seen a lot of website having tail ".php". Basically these are PHP websites. You might have been quiet impressed by the site design and dynamic qualities of these websites. You can too create websites like these in a matter of hours. But first you need to know what on earth PHP is.

In the world of the wide web, there are two general types of coding languages: “Server side” and “Client side”.

This means that one type is run, or interpreted, on the web server itself, and the other is run in your web browser. PHP is a Server side language. All of the processing is done on the web server itself, and the result is delivered to your web browser as HTML (which, by the way, is a Client side language). Your web server
must also have PHP installed in order for it to work! Most web hosting providers have PHP installed, so if you are in doubt, simply ask them.

But testing PHP websites is quite a hectic work. You need to have PHP installed in your system. You also need to install a server like Apache. But good news is both are free and open source. You can download them and install from their respective website. (Packages from other websites may not be reliable).

You might have seen a lot of website having tail ".php". Basically these are PHP websites. You might have been quiet impressed by the site design and dynamic qualities of these websites. You can too create websites like these in a matter of hours. But first you need to know what on earth PHP is.

In the world of the wide web, there are two general types of coding languages: “Server side” and “Client side”.

This means that one type is run, or interpreted, on the web server itself, and the other is run in your web browser. PHP is a Server side language. All of the processing is done on the web server itself, and the result is delivered to your web browser as HTML (which, by the way, is a Client side language). Your web server
must also have PHP installed in order for it to work! Most web hosting providers have PHP installed, so if you are in doubt, simply ask them.

But testing PHP websites is quite a hectic work. You need to have PHP installed in your system. You also need to install a server like Apache
. But good news is both are free and open source. You can download them and install from their respective website. (Packages from other websites may not be reliable).

I am assuming that you have already installed the Apache Server in your system.

Run the MSI installer and follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard. You will be prompted to select the Web Server you wish to configure first, along with any configuration details needed.

You will then be prompted to select which features and extensions you wish to install and enable. By selecting "Will be installed on local hard drive" in the drop-down menu for each item you can trigger whether to install the feature or not

It is not recommended to install all extensions by default. Instead, use the Installation Repair Mode that can be triggered thru the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel to enable or disable extensions and features after installation.

After you install PHP You need to test it. Open the "Note Pad" and write the following code:



Save this file in "htdocs" of your server as phpinfo.php.

Now open your favorite browser and type: localhost/phpinfo.php

A long page will be displayed with all the PHP description. If the page doesn't comes then check your PHP installation.

Zend Platform Installation Tip with Apache and SELinux

Here is how to deal with "Zend Optimizer Not Installed" Error encountered while trying to install Zend Platform.

I have tried to install Zend Platform 2.2.1 on an apache 2.0.59 and php 5.1.6. When I tried to run "./install", it kept giving me a bizarre html page containing a message "Zend Optimizer Not Installed". I figured "well, I must install the Optimizer first probably". So I installed Zend Optimizer, but that didn't solve the problem. I tried to find info on the Internet regarding this, but whatever I found did not solve my problem (posts such as this and this).

Well, after a day of trying to figure out what's wrong I found the answer. It has to do with SELinux and it's restrictions on shared modules loading and their context.

I figured this could be a problem, since when compiling, building and installing php 5.1.6, I ran into the following error message
: "cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission Denied".

So, the first thing I did was
> chcon –t texrel_shlib_t *.so
In the libs directory of the installation.

Voila! The installer ran! It ran all the way to the end of the installation, only to report that the services failed to install.

So I figured I am on the way to solving this completely, I just need to disable SELinux. I didn't want to use the SELINUX=Disabled in the selinux/config, so what I did was use the setenforce command.

do a getenforce command, and you get current enforcing status
> getenforce
# Enforcing

Now release enforcing:
> setenforce 0
# Permissive

You're on the roll! Go ahead and install Zend Platform. Don't forget to do a setenforce 1 to resume enforcing.

Hope it helps people out there.

AJAX: A New Approach to Web Applications

AJAX seems to be the word of fashion in the "world" development of Web applications. But it should be
clear that in reality AJAX is not a technology, AJAX is a technique, is the union of several technologies, such as DOM, XML, XSLT, CSS, XMLHttpRequest, JavaScript, among others, to achieve truly amazing things, such as GoogleMaps , Gmail, Outlook Web Access among other Web applications.


The designers of Web sites can not help feeling envious of our colleagues who create desktop software. Desktop applications have a richness and response that seemed out of reach on the Internet. Hence one of the objectives of introducing into our AJAX Web applications, is to simulate or closer to desktop applications.

History of AJAX

Although the term "AJAX" was created in 2005, the history of the technologies that enable AJAX goes back a decade earlier with the initiative in the development of Microsoft Remote Scripting. However, the techniques for asynchronous loading of content in an existing page from the introduction of the iframe element in Internet Explorer 3 in 1996 and the type of element layer in Netscape 4 in 1997, abandoned during the early stages of development of Mozilla. Both types of the element had src attribute that could take any external URL, and loading a page containing JavaScript that manipulates the page paternal can achieve effects similar to AJAX.

The Microsoft's Remote Scripting (or MSRS, introduced in 1998) proved a more elegant replacement for those techniques, with sending data through a Java applet that can communicate with the client using JavaScript. This technique worked in both browsers, Internet Explorer version 4 and Netscape Navigator version 4. Microsoft used it in Outlook Web Access supplied with the 2000 version of Microsoft Exchange Server. The community of Web developers, the first working through the newsgroup microsoft.public.scripting.remote and after using blogs, they developed a range of remote scripting techniques to achieve the s
ame results in different browsers. Early examples include the library JSR in 2000, the introduction to the art image / cookie in the same year and JavaScript on-demand technology (JavaScript on Demand) in 2002. In that year, a change from the community of users to Microsoft's Remote Scripting to replace the Java applet for XMLHttpRequest.

Remote scripting frameworks such as ARSCIF appeared in 2003 shortly before the introduction of Microsoft Callbacks in ASP.NET.

Since that XMLHttpRequest is implemented in most browsers, rarely used alternative techniques. However, we still are used where there is a need for greater compatibility, a small deployment, or access crossover between Web sites. An alternative, the SVG Terminal (based on SVG), employs a persistent connection to the ongoing exchange between the browser and the server.

AJAX Features

* The applications are more interactive, responding to user interactions faster, desktop-style applications.

* These applications have a look (look and feel) very similar to traditional desktop applications without relying on plugins or specific features of the browsers.

* It reduces the size of the exchanged information

Many micro-or petitions, but the overall data flow is lower

* To be released from processing to the server (to be performed on the client side)

* AJAX upgrade portions of the page instead of the full page.

Why AJAX is different?

An AJAX application eliminates these stops on the implementation by introducing an intermediary (the AJAX engine) between the user and the server. It would seem that adding a layer to the application it would confer a poorer response, but in fact the opposite is true.

Instead of loading a Web page, at logon, which makes the browser load the AJAX engine (written in JavaScript and usually tucked in a hidden frame).

A Dell Notebook Computer Really is the Way to Go

I Can't Live Without My Dell Laptop
I could not live without my Dell
Inspiron 6000 notebook computer. I had debated with myself for ages about buying a notebook computer. I stay at home most of the time, and I do all of my work from home. Why on earth do I need a notebook computer? I finally found ways to justify the added expense of a notebook, and then went hunting for a deal. Dell gave me all that I needed and more.

Dell offers discounts to businesses, students, and some healthcare providers. The fact that I was able to get a discount as a small business was the first thing that brought me to Dell. I set up an account, and then watched and waited for the deal that was just right. That came in the form of an emailed coupon code, which allowed me to save nearly 50%. Then it was time to shop.

I compared prices, features, and benefits, and decided that the Inspiron 6000 was the perfect computer. This notebook computer has a gorgeous 15.4 inch widescreen display, which is more than adequate for my needs. The display is sharp, clear, and the colors are crisp and true. I love the sleek design, it's thin and pretty light when closed. The little features I never even knew I would want keep me loving this notebook. It came with a built in wireless card, so I have an empty PC/MIA card slot, which I put to use right away, by purchasing an inexpensive memory card to PC card adapter for my Compact Flash card. It also has a built in SD card reader, a firewire port, four USB ports, a CD-R/RW & DVD-R/RW drive, and media buttons on the front of the system, to control volume and playback. My favorite feature, though it seems insignificant, is the touch pad. I can scroll, just as I would with a mouse, just by sliding a finger across one of the two scroll bars on my touchpad. I have not seen this feature on anyone else's notebook computers, and it's really one of those things you never knew you needed, but can't live without. All of these features, combined with a powerful processor and huge hard drive and a large amount of RAM make this my perfect computer.
Dell's service was the deal cincher. They helped me every step of the way while shopping for my new notebook computer. The advisors at
Dell helped me decide which features I really needed and weed out the things I didn't need. They also helped me find the warranty package that was right for me, and I saved $150 on a four year warranty which includes at home service. The actual shipping time on my system was much quicker than what was initially quoted to me. The system was shipped to me within a week or so, and I was kept "in the loop" so to speak, every step of the way.

About a week ago, I had my first problem with the computer. One of my USB ports broke, so I called Dell. After a very short wait, I was connected with a service rep. I explained the problem, and within 5 minutes, the service rep had me set up for a tech to come to my home and repair the notebook. I told them it was not anything that needed to be rushed, since I have four ports and do not use them all. The next morning, I received a call from an on call service tech, who asked me if sometime that afternoon would be convenient for me. I was blown away! My small problem, which was not causing any interruption in my use of the notebook, was fixed within 24 hours of my placing the phone call to Dell, by a very kind and professional service tech who fixed my computer right at my dining room table!

I highly recommend Dell if you are searching for a notebook computer. Not only are the prices and special deals fantastic, but their top notch service has really impressed me, and these days, I am not necessarily easy to impress!

Free Registry Fix Guide for Windows

A Guide to Free Registry Fixes
Have you ever deleted a program but it still showed up? A registry fix would be the program to find all the pieces of that program and repair it or delete it. A registry fix or cleaner is a program th
at removes any unwanted or annoying items from the Windows Registry on a computer. Then a cleaning program removes items from the registry. When files linger and items build up on your computer, it can cause system crashes as well as slow performance. Here is a list of some top Free Registry Fixes.

1.) Free Registry Fix 3.9 for Windows

This registry fix is a pretty sturdy registry cleaner. It is available at FreeRegistryFix.com/. It features a pretty basic list of available features. The registry cleaner looks for applications with poor uninstalling software, improperly deleted files, orphaned start up programs, as well as other unwanted items. It scans your registry everyday to keep you up to date with your computer's functions. With the functions being done everyday, it will increase the speed of your pc and maintain it. It also features a Reedit button so you can go through your registry section by section to get a more advanced cleaning. It is absolutely free. Once you go on to the site, you just click the download button and follow the prompts that they give you. Then when the icon pops on your start menu and/or desktop, you just click and follow the prompts that they give you. It is fairly simple. I give this product a B+. It is a very sturdy program. I would definitely suggest this product to everyone.

2.) Fix My Registry
Fix My Registry is a freeware that is a great registry fix. It has a very user friendly program that should get your computer running in good form. It features a good cleaner which targets fragment an
d cluttered parts of your registry. It also targets obsolete and invalid data that can slow your computer down. The only thing lacking is that the user must initiate the program every day. You can get it to run every time your computer restarts. An added bonus though is that it you can use with other products on the site to help computer stay safe and running in peak condition. This product has won some awards from online websites so this product is good download. You can download this registry fix at SmartPCTools.com. Just click the download button at the top of the page and follow the prompts. Then when the icon pops on your start menu and/or desktop, you just click and follow the prompts that they give you. It is fairly simple. I give this product an A-. I think this is a good choice for everyone. It is quick and efficient.

3.) PC World Registry Fix

PC World has a good registry fix available for free downloads. You can get it at the website PCWorld.com. You just click the red download button at the top. This registry cleaner is very basic but it gets the job done. They promote removing unwanted and fragmented files from you registry as well as being able to undo any deletions just in case you deleted valuable information. This feature is a must for someone who is new to the registry fix game. The thing that sucks about this registry fix is that you only get to fix 50 errors and then you have to pay $30 dollars for continued use. It's kind of a trial period, but if they convince you that they can do the job, then purchase. This registry fix is pretty quick as far as running through your computer which is a plus. Once you have hit the download button, follow the prompts until you can save it to your desktop. Then once the icon appears in your start menu and/or desktop, you can click on it to take you the installation of the software onto your computer. I give this product a C+ only because of the price after the 50 error fix.

4.) Eusing Free Registry Fix

This registry fix is a nice edition to any computer. It also looks for invalid and out of date files on your registry. It is designed to be extremely user friendly and quick. It has pretty much the same features as every other registry fix even including a system backup which saves the current state of your registry just in cases valuable files are lost. They also promote that their program is free from spyware and adware. It is available at ShareWarePlaza.com. When you get to the page, just click the download now button just above the description heading. You then follow the prompts until you get to the save button which will save the program to your desktop or specified file on your computer. Then you can click on the icon and follow the prompts to install the software onto your computer. I give this product a B. I think it is a good overall program that will give you the desired results.
When installing a program through the internet make sure that you protect yourself from adware, spyware, and different viruses. You should also have some kind of virus protection so that both of the p
rograms can work hand in hand to keep your computer running in tip top shape. You should also check websites like PCMag.com which specializes in review new and old registry fixes as well as other programs to aid you in protecting your computer. This is a list of registry fixes.

Options in Cleaning a System Registry

How to Safely Clean the Windows Registry
The system registry in a Windows machine is a database that keeps tabs on all the software and configurations of programs on a computer. Any other
hardware configurations or other startup information the computer needs to keep track of will be retained in such a registry. But as consumers find, the bigger the registry, the bigger the "slowdown" effect computers experience. Thus, cleaning out the registry is a vital task to a computer's health.

Another problem with a registry is that spyware and types of malware can hide in or infect the registry to continually degrade and corrupt a computer's performance. This has been the direct cause of many faster computers that for some reason seem to be lagging behind as time goes on. To help aid the performance and overall health of a computer, users should go about the task of cleaning their system registry regularly.

The first way to clean a system registry is to simply use the built-in editor that comes with Windows. This program is called the Windows Registry Editor, and can be found by typing "regedit" in the "Run Command" window. It should be noted, however, that the registry editor can be very dangerous for those who don't know how to use it, and irreversible damage can be caused to one's machine as a result of tampering with it.

For a better solution, there are registry cleaning programs that do the hard work of cleaning out a registry without damaging it. These programs were made by professionals who know what can be safely removed or configured and what can't- something the average consumer doesn't know anything about. Taking one glance at the Windows Registry Editor is enough to make anyone's decision side with premade programs.

Before finding a registry cleaning program, one should investigate their options and view multiple competitors of the leading programs. Reading registry cleaner reviews and obtaining information from IT professionals is another good way to get valuable opinions. Some of the top names to keep in mind remain to be Registry Mechanic, Regcure, and several other variants that stem from these two.In the end, one should always opt for a registry cleaner that promises to make backups of any changes it makes, as this can repair any otherwise irreparable damage to the registry. Other options may t
arget spyware and malware, and other features to look into include other security preventable features. Some of the better choices of registry cleaners will allow for a free demo or trial period- which should be taken advantage of where given.

Final Thoughts

A system registry is nothing for the average consumer to dabble in. Far too often this results in a bad experience, as the entire computer can crash into a permanent perished state of being. To prevent such catastrophe, consumers should opt for registry cleaners to help optimize, protect, and securitize their Windows registry. Doing so can help keep an investment worth having, and extend the life of a computer exponentially in the long run.

Must Have Features in Vista Registry Cleaner Software

Vista registry cleaner products are rare compared to software developed for other operating systems. Vista is the newest baby of
Microsoft that has been launched and many products have not yet caught up. Do not get discouraged as many products are starting to appear for Vista, including registry repair software.

Many people think that any registry cleaning software will work to repair Vista, but this is simply not true. Though Vista has some similar file structures to other versions of Windows, there are some distinct differences (which will become the base of this article).

Four Important Qualities in a Top Vista Registry Cleaner:

1. Again, it is very important to verify that the software you are about to purchase will work with Vista. Most products do have logos of the operating systems that their software addresses. You can cause serious damage to your computer if you use the wrong software, so be careful.
2. Keep a focus on finding software that will scan and remove plug ins from Internet Explorer since Vista has such a huge focus on Explorer and the ease of use. Vista contains a file structure that places importance on Internet Explorer.
3. Audio files are of high importance in Vista, so your chosen software should be able to scan audio files. Vista has an audio stack that was developed to operate at the user level, which means the stack is utilized more quickly and operates much faster than previous operating systems.
4. Search for products that have a large number of registry optimizer features since Vista places a focus on speed and convenience for users. Performance is a larger focus in Vista and thus requires both registry and hard drive optimization tools.

Here are some other qualities that will ensure a great Vista registry cleaner for the price:

Free Scanning Prior to Purchase

A free scan will allow the user to check for errors prior to purchasing the software. This will help you determine if there are problems in the registry before purchasing the Vista registry cleaner. I
t is still a good idea to keep quality registry repair software on your computer as a normal maintenance need of your PC, so do not only purchase the software if a large amount of errors are found. Errors can be added daily.

Extensive Support and Help Files

Make sure that the software has either imbedded help files in the software (you will be able to see during free scan) or see if help files are online through a link. Most quality Vista registry cleaner software will have this feature, but it is good to check even though registry repair is very simple.

File Back Up

Simply put, you want to be able to revert back to your prior pre repair file status if you do not like the results of your scan and repair. Look for either a manual or an automatic scan feature. Automatic ones are common in the best Vista registry cleaner options.

Make Sure the Software is Easy to Use

Some of the software companies impress themselves with highly complicated software, but you should not become the victim. If it takes a degree to figure out, move on! Try the free scanning option and you will be able to see how easy the software is.

While comparing products, look for both repair and optimization options as the benefits do not have to stop at basic registry cleaning and repair. You will be paid back in faster system operations and less file stability issues.

Aim to get your system fixed as fast as possible with effectiveness as the primary objective. Since most Vista registry cleaner options are close in price, you will just want the most features for the amount paid.

If you are ready to repair your computer problems immediately but are unsure about the most effective Vista registry cleaner to do the job, see http://www.registry-repair-source.com/best-registry-cleaner.htm for six complete reviews of top software programs.

Good Computer Diagnostic Equipment to Have

Computers today have been compared to the hot rod cars of yesteryear. Today, just about any computer owner might have good diagnostic equipment that she uses to help maintain her computer and keep it
optimized. Even the most novice computer user can put certain good computer diagnostic equipment to use in the process of trying to troubleshoot a computer problem or get their computer to run even better than usual. Here are some of the kinds of good computer diagnostic equipment to have:

1. A temperature monitor. A temperature monitor can help keep track of how hot your computer is getting inside of its case. This can tell you if your computer is overheating, and give you an idea if you should invest in cooling equipment, such as extra internal fans or a bigger and better CPU heatsink, for your computer.

2. A registry cleaner, virus scanner and spyware detector. While you don't think of these kinds of software as good computer diagnostic equipment right away, the fact of the matter is that they are indeed some of the best tools you can have. Your computer needs to be free of viruses and spyware, and it needs to have a clean registry if it's going to run in optimal shape.

3. A USB port tester. Sometimes, a USB port may go bad and you won't even know it. You might replace two or three keyboards before you realize that it isn't the keyboards that keep going bad, it's that you have a bad USB port. A port tester is a good piece of diagnostic equipment to have for your computer. If you can't find one, you can always keep a "known good" USB device, such as an old key drive, around to check to see if a port is working.

4. A sharp mind. If you want to truly be able to diagnose computer problems, you need to be able to think on your feet. You need to have an eye for detail. You need to have the ability to process a troubleshooting situation in a logical and organized manner. Sure, a good base of knowledge gained through experience and research helps, as well, but nothing can replace a truly deductive mind when it comes to troubleshooting computer problems.
While you can't buy all of these items at your local computer store, each of them can be some of the best diagnostic equipment to have on hand for your computer.

Sony VAIO VGN-AR630E PC Notebook Review

The Sony VAIO VGN-AR630E PC Notebook is a portable media powerhouse notebook, which makes all the difference if you really love to watch
movies or listen to music. The Sony VAIO VGN-AR630E PC Notebook is one of the first Notebook computers to feature the revolutionary new Blu-Ray technology, which is a new type of high quality movie disk that offers exceptional video quality as well as storage space. The Sony VAIO VGN-AR630E PC Notebook was designed for movies, but that powerful design also benefits someone who wants to own a powerful Notebook computer and still enjoy all of the multi-media features as well. The Sony VAIO VGN-AR630E PC Notebook also comes with a powerful Core 2 Duo 250 MHz processor, and 2 GB (DDR2 SDRAM) of memory so your applications will blaze on this Notebook. Sony has pulled out all of the stops to make the VAIO VGN-AR630E PC Notebook a stellar product, and so far they have done pretty darn good.

Product Rating:

User-Friendliness: 4/5 Stars

Processor Speed: 4/5 Stars

Product Features: 4/5 Stars

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

Main Product Features:

The Sony VAIO VGN-AR630E PC Notebook is a beautiful piece of technology, inside and outside. If you enjoy watching movies on a portable screen you'll enjoy the vibrant 17 in. WXGA TFT Active Matrix display, as well as the hefty 320 GB Serial ATA, 5400 RPM hard drive. This notebook is also Wi-Fi Certified, which means that you can connect to the internet anywhere there might be a Wi-Fi hot spot such as a coffee house. You'll also get the speed and security of the Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Operating System which makes productivity a breeze, especially while trying to use a word processor.There is also enough memory to support most modern PC Games, and the NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT ensures stellar graphics for most games. The display also has a maximum resolution of 1440 x 900, which wil
l give you enough real estate on screen to see an entire document. There are also tons of options for upgrading this machine including adding 4 GB of memory and an even bigger hard drive, you can do this by building this notebook online instead of purchasing it pre-built from a retailer. For all intensive purposes the Sony VAIO VGN-AR630E PC Notebook is the ideal solution for someone who enjoys watching movies, as well as someone who needs a powerful enough desktop replacement.

Purchase Information:

The Sony VAIO VGN-AR630E PC Notebook can be purchased at most national electronics retailers for $877.99, and you can also purchase the Sony VAIO VGN-AR630E PC Notebook at several online retailers.

Dell Computer Gaming Systems

Dell Gaming Computers Comprise the Latest Technology in Intel Core 2 Duo Processors with All the Best Components Available from the Top Manufacturers for All Your Gaming Needs
Dell has been manufacturing computers since 1984 and has been a leader with innovation and customer satisfaction being at forefront of their business standards. Dell's innovation has taken a new turn
over the last few years with the rising demand that gamers have placed on computer manufacturers for systems that are geared toward the video game and its particular needs from a computer. Dell has strived to meet these new demands and their companies Chief Technology Officer Kevin Kettler put it best, "At Dell, our approach to innovation focuses on customer requirements. Customers define what is important."

When the need for a computer that gamers could push to limits was seen Dell also saw that this was an area that there were few other companies filling the void. Dell has some great gaming systems and a wide variety of the components and individual peripherals are the best the computer industry has to offer. Both Intel and Nvidia are at the forefront of not only the computer industry but are leaders when it comes to the particular needs of gaming systems.

The Dell line of both desktop and notebook computers for gaming have Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the leading edge of processor speed, stability and capacity. A double core processor will be able to multi task operations that are a common problem with gaming systems. A gaming computer needs to be able to handle many of the regular functions of a computer plus the highly demanding graphics and processing that the game engine demands. A game engine is the main program that is the base of a video game program. It runs every part of the game that is a part of the program plus tells your computer what to do.

The benefit of a double core processor is simple the processor or heart of your computer can handle multiple functions happening at the same time and be able to separately accomplish them with out bothering or slowing down other processes. This means while you're playing your game you do not have to worry about your virus scanning program slowing down your games speed.

Nvidia is a leading video card manufacturer with years of experience with graphics processing for computers. The graphics or video card is a separate component in a computer that processes information
for the video portion of a game. It is a part of the computer that has recently gotten much of its share of attention as well as the cost of a good gaming system.

A video card is a part of a triangle of your computer with it on one corner, the central processor unit or CPU on another and your monitor, the CRT or LCD screen on the third. The central processor is the heart of your computer and processes all the information of programs while your video card has a separate processor for the graphics of a program like video games. This separates the work load of the main processor so that the computer works less, has less heat and less stress on the one component. The CPU and the video card both send information to the monitor through the video card to display the information on your screen.

Today's gaming computers also have other features like sound cards, network cards and the onboard system devices that are more of the normal parts of a computer but with Dell they have strived to give the gamers systems the best for gaming's particular needs. Games use a lot of a computers memory and hard drive while playing so they have ensured that their gaming systems have large drives and plenty of good quality memory of the type that gaming systems need. Memory is a temporary storage area that your computer uses to process programs, complete calculations and store data for programs currently running. Your hard disc drive not only stores those gaming programs but is also used as a temporary storage area for parts of programs like information that a program may need later but not when you first start it up.

Dell ensures that any gaming system has not only the necessary components but that those components are suitable for current games and those that haven't even been made yet. By using a more than necessary philosophy they ensure that any gaming system is ready for those games of the future that are not on the market or even made yet. Plenty of video processor and system memory as well as plenty of disc drive space ensures that the games you are going to get at a later time will still be playable on your gaming system and that you get the most for your money.Using the best components from recognized industry leaders also ensures their systems are stable for the best performance possible. System stability means that your computer and all its components do
not get errors that will cause the program to stop running. Also heat from the video card and central processor need to be dissipated for this stability to make sure your system does not generate too much heat that can also cause system errors or even shut down. So the placement of components, additional fans and heat sinks are also a factor when designing the computer and this is a necessary part of creating the perfect gaming system. Dell does all this so your gaming system will be the best, whether you choose the lower end and affordable but still professional gaming systems or the best that Dell can design.

Dells XPS line of desktop gaming systems start with the sleek looking silver case of the XPS and on up to the jet black line of the XPS 700 series. With Dell you choose the featured components for your gaming needs from the ground up to ensure your system is the best you want and need. Starting with the Windows Media Center Edition operating system you can start the selection with choices like the extras that come with your Windows operating system along with the size of drives, memory and video card. Extras for things like better video cards and more memory of course will cost more but even the base of each system is sure to bring out the gamer in anyone.

Dell also sells all the peripherals for gaming like LCD screens for the best image resolution to the speakers that make the gaming experience a true enjoyment. Some games just sound and feel so much better in surround sound but many of the current and upcoming games make full use of surround sound. By creating a realistic environment where you are able to hear the footsteps of soldiers coming at you from one direction you can know which way to turn. Liquid crystal displays make gaming a true experience and they are not just so you can fit your system onto one desk. The image resolution and depth that the LCD monitor adds as well as the extra space of the larger screens that are not available in CRT monitors make for a better gaming system and a necessary part of any truly good gaming system.

Dell lets you add the components of your system as well as all the added features you want. Software is another part of any computer and for a system to run at its peek there are necessary things like virus protection as well as those little extras like CD and DVD burning software. Dell offers some great internet security protection and system tools with their recommended package of Norton Internet Security for your system or the optional PC-Cillin Internet Security with Antivirus and Spyware Removal.They also include a reinstallation CD just in case you do have a major problem and need to re install the Windows operating system. It's not that hard but even if you're afraid or just don't have the
time or expertise to work on your own system Dell offers plenty of protection with their warranties. An extended service plan is available along with their usual one year limited warranty and at home service plan on gaming systems, see website or write Dell for more information.

Windows Media Center Edition does not just have all the necessary software and system drivers for running those great games, they include many of the features that the common user wants for audio, video and productivity. Multimedia means all those audio and video things; movie creation, song management, photo editing. The MP3 or songs you download off the internet and then upload onto a player like the IPod are part of software packages that Dell sell on their site that you can include in your system. The Windows Movie Maker and Photo Story help you create your own home movies and photo albums to watch on your television or computer. Digital photography is all the rage and with the cost of processing 35 MM film a definite money saver these days. Photo image processing also takes a good computer system with good graphics and memory. Dell sells programs that process images, create photos good enough for Senior Portraits and even create graphics from your computer.

Dell has all kinds of additional software packages, peripherals and components that make your purchase a true gamers computer system. You can start with the basic core elements that make the XPS a gaming computer and add on any of the additional parts to create the system you want. You can start with the low end but affordable desktop system in the XPS 410 at about $1500 to the best in gaming with the XPS 710 with a starting price of $4200. Just keep it simple with the basic systems or add in all those great features, the extended warranty along with the best games and you have a system that will have the other guys at the LAN party, that's a local area network gathering of gamers for those normal readers, salivating over.

Dell will be able to help with all your gaming system and other computer questions at their website. Go here for more information about Dell and their great computer systems: http://www.dell.com/content/default.aspx?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=gen

* Dell has some of the best widest ranging systems and computer components all at one site.
* Dell has systems for home, small and large business along with all your peripherals.
* Dell can help you set up your system as well as offering extended warranties and at home services.

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