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Dell Gaming Computers Comprise the Latest Technology in Intel Core 2 Duo Processors with All the Best Components Available from the Top Manufacturers for All Your Gaming Needs
Dell has been manufacturing computers since 1984 and has been a leader with innovation and customer satisfaction being at forefront of their business standards. Dell's innovation has taken a new turn
over the last few years with the rising demand that gamers have placed on computer manufacturers for systems that are geared toward the video game and its particular needs from a computer. Dell has strived to meet these new demands and their companies Chief Technology Officer Kevin Kettler put it best, "At Dell, our approach to innovation focuses on customer requirements. Customers define what is important."

When the need for a computer that gamers could push to limits was seen Dell also saw that this was an area that there were few other companies filling the void. Dell has some great gaming systems and a wide variety of the components and individual peripherals are the best the computer industry has to offer. Both Intel and Nvidia are at the forefront of not only the computer industry but are leaders when it comes to the particular needs of gaming systems.

The Dell line of both desktop and notebook computers for gaming have Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the leading edge of processor speed, stability and capacity. A double core processor will be able to multi task operations that are a common problem with gaming systems. A gaming computer needs to be able to handle many of the regular functions of a computer plus the highly demanding graphics and processing that the game engine demands. A game engine is the main program that is the base of a video game program. It runs every part of the game that is a part of the program plus tells your computer what to do.

The benefit of a double core processor is simple the processor or heart of your computer can handle multiple functions happening at the same time and be able to separately accomplish them with out bothering or slowing down other processes. This means while you're playing your game you do not have to worry about your virus scanning program slowing down your games speed.

Nvidia is a leading video card manufacturer with years of experience with graphics processing for computers. The graphics or video card is a separate component in a computer that processes information
for the video portion of a game. It is a part of the computer that has recently gotten much of its share of attention as well as the cost of a good gaming system.

A video card is a part of a triangle of your computer with it on one corner, the central processor unit or CPU on another and your monitor, the CRT or LCD screen on the third. The central processor is the heart of your computer and processes all the information of programs while your video card has a separate processor for the graphics of a program like video games. This separates the work load of the main processor so that the computer works less, has less heat and less stress on the one component. The CPU and the video card both send information to the monitor through the video card to display the information on your screen.

Today's gaming computers also have other features like sound cards, network cards and the onboard system devices that are more of the normal parts of a computer but with Dell they have strived to give the gamers systems the best for gaming's particular needs. Games use a lot of a computers memory and hard drive while playing so they have ensured that their gaming systems have large drives and plenty of good quality memory of the type that gaming systems need. Memory is a temporary storage area that your computer uses to process programs, complete calculations and store data for programs currently running. Your hard disc drive not only stores those gaming programs but is also used as a temporary storage area for parts of programs like information that a program may need later but not when you first start it up.

Dell ensures that any gaming system has not only the necessary components but that those components are suitable for current games and those that haven't even been made yet. By using a more than necessary philosophy they ensure that any gaming system is ready for those games of the future that are not on the market or even made yet. Plenty of video processor and system memory as well as plenty of disc drive space ensures that the games you are going to get at a later time will still be playable on your gaming system and that you get the most for your money.Using the best components from recognized industry leaders also ensures their systems are stable for the best performance possible. System stability means that your computer and all its components do
not get errors that will cause the program to stop running. Also heat from the video card and central processor need to be dissipated for this stability to make sure your system does not generate too much heat that can also cause system errors or even shut down. So the placement of components, additional fans and heat sinks are also a factor when designing the computer and this is a necessary part of creating the perfect gaming system. Dell does all this so your gaming system will be the best, whether you choose the lower end and affordable but still professional gaming systems or the best that Dell can design.

Dells XPS line of desktop gaming systems start with the sleek looking silver case of the XPS and on up to the jet black line of the XPS 700 series. With Dell you choose the featured components for your gaming needs from the ground up to ensure your system is the best you want and need. Starting with the Windows Media Center Edition operating system you can start the selection with choices like the extras that come with your Windows operating system along with the size of drives, memory and video card. Extras for things like better video cards and more memory of course will cost more but even the base of each system is sure to bring out the gamer in anyone.

Dell also sells all the peripherals for gaming like LCD screens for the best image resolution to the speakers that make the gaming experience a true enjoyment. Some games just sound and feel so much better in surround sound but many of the current and upcoming games make full use of surround sound. By creating a realistic environment where you are able to hear the footsteps of soldiers coming at you from one direction you can know which way to turn. Liquid crystal displays make gaming a true experience and they are not just so you can fit your system onto one desk. The image resolution and depth that the LCD monitor adds as well as the extra space of the larger screens that are not available in CRT monitors make for a better gaming system and a necessary part of any truly good gaming system.

Dell lets you add the components of your system as well as all the added features you want. Software is another part of any computer and for a system to run at its peek there are necessary things like virus protection as well as those little extras like CD and DVD burning software. Dell offers some great internet security protection and system tools with their recommended package of Norton Internet Security for your system or the optional PC-Cillin Internet Security with Antivirus and Spyware Removal.They also include a reinstallation CD just in case you do have a major problem and need to re install the Windows operating system. It's not that hard but even if you're afraid or just don't have the
time or expertise to work on your own system Dell offers plenty of protection with their warranties. An extended service plan is available along with their usual one year limited warranty and at home service plan on gaming systems, see website or write Dell for more information.

Windows Media Center Edition does not just have all the necessary software and system drivers for running those great games, they include many of the features that the common user wants for audio, video and productivity. Multimedia means all those audio and video things; movie creation, song management, photo editing. The MP3 or songs you download off the internet and then upload onto a player like the IPod are part of software packages that Dell sell on their site that you can include in your system. The Windows Movie Maker and Photo Story help you create your own home movies and photo albums to watch on your television or computer. Digital photography is all the rage and with the cost of processing 35 MM film a definite money saver these days. Photo image processing also takes a good computer system with good graphics and memory. Dell sells programs that process images, create photos good enough for Senior Portraits and even create graphics from your computer.

Dell has all kinds of additional software packages, peripherals and components that make your purchase a true gamers computer system. You can start with the basic core elements that make the XPS a gaming computer and add on any of the additional parts to create the system you want. You can start with the low end but affordable desktop system in the XPS 410 at about $1500 to the best in gaming with the XPS 710 with a starting price of $4200. Just keep it simple with the basic systems or add in all those great features, the extended warranty along with the best games and you have a system that will have the other guys at the LAN party, that's a local area network gathering of gamers for those normal readers, salivating over.

Dell will be able to help with all your gaming system and other computer questions at their website. Go here for more information about Dell and their great computer systems:

* Dell has some of the best widest ranging systems and computer components all at one site.
* Dell has systems for home, small and large business along with all your peripherals.
* Dell can help you set up your system as well as offering extended warranties and at home services.


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