Free Registry Fix Guide for Windows

A Guide to Free Registry Fixes
Have you ever deleted a program but it still showed up? A registry fix would be the program to find all the pieces of that program and repair it or delete it. A registry fix or cleaner is a program th
at removes any unwanted or annoying items from the Windows Registry on a computer. Then a cleaning program removes items from the registry. When files linger and items build up on your computer, it can cause system crashes as well as slow performance. Here is a list of some top Free Registry Fixes.

1.) Free Registry Fix 3.9 for Windows

This registry fix is a pretty sturdy registry cleaner. It is available at It features a pretty basic list of available features. The registry cleaner looks for applications with poor uninstalling software, improperly deleted files, orphaned start up programs, as well as other unwanted items. It scans your registry everyday to keep you up to date with your computer's functions. With the functions being done everyday, it will increase the speed of your pc and maintain it. It also features a Reedit button so you can go through your registry section by section to get a more advanced cleaning. It is absolutely free. Once you go on to the site, you just click the download button and follow the prompts that they give you. Then when the icon pops on your start menu and/or desktop, you just click and follow the prompts that they give you. It is fairly simple. I give this product a B+. It is a very sturdy program. I would definitely suggest this product to everyone.

2.) Fix My Registry
Fix My Registry is a freeware that is a great registry fix. It has a very user friendly program that should get your computer running in good form. It features a good cleaner which targets fragment an
d cluttered parts of your registry. It also targets obsolete and invalid data that can slow your computer down. The only thing lacking is that the user must initiate the program every day. You can get it to run every time your computer restarts. An added bonus though is that it you can use with other products on the site to help computer stay safe and running in peak condition. This product has won some awards from online websites so this product is good download. You can download this registry fix at Just click the download button at the top of the page and follow the prompts. Then when the icon pops on your start menu and/or desktop, you just click and follow the prompts that they give you. It is fairly simple. I give this product an A-. I think this is a good choice for everyone. It is quick and efficient.

3.) PC World Registry Fix

PC World has a good registry fix available for free downloads. You can get it at the website You just click the red download button at the top. This registry cleaner is very basic but it gets the job done. They promote removing unwanted and fragmented files from you registry as well as being able to undo any deletions just in case you deleted valuable information. This feature is a must for someone who is new to the registry fix game. The thing that sucks about this registry fix is that you only get to fix 50 errors and then you have to pay $30 dollars for continued use. It's kind of a trial period, but if they convince you that they can do the job, then purchase. This registry fix is pretty quick as far as running through your computer which is a plus. Once you have hit the download button, follow the prompts until you can save it to your desktop. Then once the icon appears in your start menu and/or desktop, you can click on it to take you the installation of the software onto your computer. I give this product a C+ only because of the price after the 50 error fix.

4.) Eusing Free Registry Fix

This registry fix is a nice edition to any computer. It also looks for invalid and out of date files on your registry. It is designed to be extremely user friendly and quick. It has pretty much the same features as every other registry fix even including a system backup which saves the current state of your registry just in cases valuable files are lost. They also promote that their program is free from spyware and adware. It is available at When you get to the page, just click the download now button just above the description heading. You then follow the prompts until you get to the save button which will save the program to your desktop or specified file on your computer. Then you can click on the icon and follow the prompts to install the software onto your computer. I give this product a B. I think it is a good overall program that will give you the desired results.
When installing a program through the internet make sure that you protect yourself from adware, spyware, and different viruses. You should also have some kind of virus protection so that both of the p
rograms can work hand in hand to keep your computer running in tip top shape. You should also check websites like which specializes in review new and old registry fixes as well as other programs to aid you in protecting your computer. This is a list of registry fixes.


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