Sony, Microsoft, Wii

Sony better pick things up, or they're going to be out of business.

OK...I've been keeping up with the E3 event lately. Reading a crap! Load of blogs and forums about the Next Gen. I am very sad to say that Sony isn't doing good AT ALL! Always been a HUGE fan of PS and quite frankly I'm tired of hearing all of the bullspit babble about the XBOX 360. It SUX really bad the only reason it's still on the board next to Sony is because it has a larger game variety...but if you take it down to scale the graphics don't even measure up towards the PS3...and WTF is up with the 360's lame attempts at bringing PC games into console, like seriously dude if any of you guys have seen what the 360 did to Supreme Commander you would poo your pants! Controls are awkward, commands sluggish, and the graphics are just simply TRASH!

I do have to say that I am completely disappointed by Sony, and unless they pull something REALLY REALLY big outta there box at the E3 they are gonna get crushed. The net loss in the Sony Company is already up to 3.3billion since the launch of the PS3. I mean it's not exactly Sony's fault for spending 4x as much time and effort into making GREAT games instead of just throwing some things together and throwing it on the shelves(as the 360 does) and that's the only reason it sells because it's a 360 game. 2/3 of the 360 games are easily comparable to that of the PS2 graphics! I'm hoping that Sony will surprise me with something good, because if they don't they might be outta business sometime in the near future.

On another note I don't think Sony, nor has Microsoft to worry about Nintendo lol. Nintendo is in a league of its own and everyone is going to get there hands on the new goodies for the Wii console. And like always they will probably whip up something good for the convention.


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