Shockwave, Flash Player, Sun Java Download for Online Games

Learn how to update and download shockwave, flash player, and java to play online games.

With the online gaming communities staying ahead all the others sites when it comes to internet activities. Keeping your shockwave, flash player, and java updated will help keep those online game sites running. Shockwave, flash player, and java, besides the game site servers, is what keeps the online games working properly.

An outdated shockwave, flash player, and java will cause errors on many online game sites. The outdated shockwave, flash player, and java will cause errors, such as the window closing unexpectedly, the games to freeze or even not to open.

Rather than cause unneeded stress while trying to relax playing your favorite online games. Check weekly to make sure the shockwave, flash player, and java are up-to-date on the computer. This is easier and less of a hassle than anyone would think. To update shockwave, flash player, and java for your computer follow the instructions below and on the Websites provided.
Shockwave and Flash Player Test and Downloads

Both downloads on the site will work for Windows Operating Systems 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista. However, you will need to choose which browser, for example Internet Explorer, that you are using when surfing the internet and playing your games on. Choosing the wrong browser downloads will not download the shockwave or flash player correctly.

The shockwave and flash player are available for Macs as well. Choosing the correct download format for the Mac that you are using with the correct browser is just as important as it is to any other computer.

Take a few moments during the week to visit this site * to test your shockwave. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Test Your Macromedia Authorware Web Player Installation.” Once the site checks your Macromedia Authorware Player, it will tell you if you have it installed or not on your computer.

If no one has installed the shockwave on the computer, visit this site ** to download the shockwave components. Always download the highest numbered shockwave download for optimum playing pleasure.

NOTE: Newly downloaded shockwave and flash players will require restarting your computer. Not restarting your computer after downloads are finished, will not let the shockwave and flash player work properly. If you don't reboot after downloads are finished, you must uninstall both and start again.
Java Download

Java allows a person to talk to others in chat, play online games or even view objects in 3D. Java is another download that is needed in order for online games to work properly. This is why it is

important to have java downloaded with shockwave and real player. Each online game site requires at least two, if not all three of these applications, in order to play some to all of their games. To download java from Sun on your computer visit Sun Microsystems to gain access to this download.

NOTE: This download may also require the restart of the computer it is being downloaded. If the restart is not done after the download, uninstallation and reinstallation will need to be done.


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