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The other day I was having a conversation with a fellow web marketer who
regularly uses the Unique Article Wizard and we were talking about the most
successful strategies for actually marketing on the web and making money.

Well naturally we both still feel that article marketing is the most cost
effective and powerful way to increase any marketer's web presence. As a
matter of fact we have sites that generate us thousands of dollars in net
revenue that do not use PPC or anything other than the Wizard to promote
them. This is by design so that we can monitor in real time that the
Wizard continues to do what we say it does. And it does!

In any case this brought us to the second part of our conversation in that
EVERY successful web marketer we know has multiple streams of income. This
can be through products of their own or by using one of our favorite
strategies – promoting other people's products and services (you must of
course believe fully in the products and services you promote to your
customers otherwise they will not trust you, nor buy anything from you ever

So over the next couple of weeks I am going to give you some KISS (keep it
simple silly) ideas that will help you increase your web marketing

The first we will discuss is affiliate promotions.

Yes, you can come up with all of your own product or service ideas, but
why? Why do we always feel we have to try and invent something new to
offer people? Why should you have to do all the marketing research to test
and unknown product? Why take ALL the risk when you don't have to?

Why not just promote a product or service that is already in the
marketplace and one that is proven to already work! And get PAID for it!

You want to be a successful web marketer which generates revenue so that
you can create financial contentment for you and your family. Nowhere does
it say that you have to be an inventor too. This is the number one
downfall of most startup businesses, whether online or in the bricks and
mortar world – people think that their great idea is the one that everyone
wants. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

My point is, why be an inventor when what you truly want to be is a web
marketer. Yes, you can work on your pet project and market that as well,
but wouldn't it be better planning to promote other people's proven
products and services to generate revenue while you are seeing that product
to fruition? Or even to use those dollars to fund its development.

Let's look at an example of promoting someone else's service.

I know this example will look like an obvious effort to promote the Unique
Article Wizard (and it is!) but it is also the best example I can give you
because it is the affiliate program I know best.

1. Do you like what the Wizard does for you? Does it save you time, money
or effort - or all three?
2. Do you use the Wizard to promote your own product or service?
3. Do you converse with other web marketers looking for consistent tools
like the Wizard that keeps up with current trends?
4. Then create an additional stream of income by promoting the Wizard.
You already use and like it, so why wouldn't other marketers?

Look at it this way. Just sign up three others and your own subscription
becomes paid for. Sign up 40 people and you've hit the $1000 per month
mark. And just keep going from there. Not only that, be through our
Affiliate Promotion Extravaganza you can earn 100% commissions on your
referrals! Full details on that are here:


We have many people who make more every month from their affiliate
commissions from the Wizard than they do from their day job. Ultimately
this gives them the freedom to choose the job they want to do purely for
the enjoyment, not just for the paycheck. You can do this with any number
of products and services, not just ours.

Do we want you to promote the Wizard and generate huge commissions? Sure.
But we also want you to take this strategy and promote other products and
services as well. Because if I asked you what you could realistically and
actually see yourself accomplishing with your next web site - would it be a
site that generates $50,000 a month or one that generates $1000 per month?
I think you would agree it would be the $1000 per month site that is more
readily achievable.

Build 50 of those and you will have accomplished the same thing and most
likely in the same amount of time BUT with the added benefit of not having
all your eggs in one basket - and this is huge because buyers can become
fickle. Protect yourself with multiple streams of income.

Just ask the people who own the product or service you want to promote if
they have an affiliate program. If they do (as the Wizard does), they will
more than likely have a toolbox full of promotional materials and emails
you can use to generate ongoing affiliate commissions for yourself.

If you want some expert coaching in how to earn a massive income by
promoting affiliate products, we highly recommend Anik Singal's Affiliate
Classroom: http://www.uniquearticlewizard.com/recommends/affclass.php - in
fact, if you go over there you can get yourself a free course on affiliate

Look for the next discussion in this series on drop-shipped products.

To your continued success,

Darren Warmuth

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