Launchy: The New Launcher

Have you heard about the new launcher?

I bet you guys have used many different types of launchers like docks, sidebar gadgets and all sorts of other stuff but have you actually used a small light weight software which hides in your computers background until you summon it up?

Well the here it is :

Launchy : A new software.

Launchy is actually new on the market but the small piece of great software which actually replace the use use of heavy docks.

With this software on your PC you can forget about the start-menu and all sorts of other gadgets.

That is how you Launchy will look like.

You desktop
will be normal until you press ALT+SPACE

This cool gadget is very light weight and will definitely make your desktop look much neater and you can get rid of those ugly desktop shortcuts.

This powerful software come with a couple
of skins but you can download loads more from the net.

So got ahead and give it a try...


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