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Hi --,

Jut thought you would be interested in two very cool free tools to help
your business:

The first allows you to spy on the keywords that your competitors are
using for their PPC campaigns. This is very cool - and enables you to
quickly research a niche AND build up your target list of profitable
keywords almost instantly.


There is a pro version of this for very little money. If you are doing any
kind of keyword research (you are, aren't you?) then I would strongly
recommend that you go for it. Go look at the video and you will see why.

The second lets you quickly find out who is linking to your competitors -
a great way to track down super affiliates to promote your product - or to
sign up under you so as to promote the wizard (and earn yourself 2nd tier

I actually bought this product a while back when it cost real money. Now
Neil has gone and GIVEN it away! He must be nuts. Go grab it now before he
changes his mind:


As I said, these are both free.

To your success,

Noel Swanson
Unique Article Wizard

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