Zend Platform Installation Tip with Apache and SELinux

Here is how to deal with "Zend Optimizer Not Installed" Error encountered while trying to install Zend Platform.

I have tried to install Zend Platform 2.2.1 on an apache 2.0.59 and php 5.1.6. When I tried to run "./install", it kept giving me a bizarre html page containing a message "Zend Optimizer Not Installed". I figured "well, I must install the Optimizer first probably". So I installed Zend Optimizer, but that didn't solve the problem. I tried to find info on the Internet regarding this, but whatever I found did not solve my problem (posts such as this and this).

Well, after a day of trying to figure out what's wrong I found the answer. It has to do with SELinux and it's restrictions on shared modules loading and their context.

I figured this could be a problem, since when compiling, building and installing php 5.1.6, I ran into the following error message
: "cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission Denied".

So, the first thing I did was
> chcon –t texrel_shlib_t *.so
In the libs directory of the installation.

Voila! The installer ran! It ran all the way to the end of the installation, only to report that the services failed to install.

So I figured I am on the way to solving this completely, I just need to disable SELinux. I didn't want to use the SELINUX=Disabled in the selinux/config, so what I did was use the setenforce command.

do a getenforce command, and you get current enforcing status
> getenforce
# Enforcing

Now release enforcing:
> setenforce 0
# Permissive

You're on the roll! Go ahead and install Zend Platform. Don't forget to do a setenforce 1 to resume enforcing.

Hope it helps people out there.


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