Iphone Killer

Apple Iphone has launched the awaited Iphone last June. And now, an Iphone Killer will be launched in the Fall.I've been so fascinated with gadgets that I am finding it so difficult in comparing phones and what phone model to buy. Particularly with the latest hit in the cell phone world. Apple Iphone. Yes it has been released and launched last June. Since I am from Asia and knowing that it will launch by 2008, I tried finding alternatives. And there it is..
Sony Ericsson W960i

* 8 gb memory (phone memory)
* Touch screen with Stylus
* 3G capable 3.2 megapixel camera
* Walkman Player
* Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP)
* TrackID (let's you track song names, singers,etc.)
* Infrared
* FM Radio
* Photo Flash & Light
* Video Recording
* Opera Web browser
* Usb 2.0PLUS
* Wi:Fi!

This is definitely going to be an Iphone Killer when it launches by expected date of December 2007 and 2008 in Asia.
Setbacks of the Iphone are:

1. Difficulty in typing
2. Lack of stylus
3. Not 3G
4. Locked

In selecting either Sony Ericsson W960i and Apple Iphone. I'd go for the Iphone Killer.. I will definitely buy the Sony Ericsson W960i when it launches in Asia by 2008. It can easily be unlocked, more advantages than the Iphone because of its overall features. Not to mention that the Sony Ericsson W960i is lighter than the Iphone.

This is just to give some advices to my fellow Asians or those who haven't bought the Iphone yet. The Sony Ericsson W960i will definitely be a match or better than the Iphone.


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