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Just a quick note to remind you that the Viral Video Contest and the
Affiliate Promotion Extravaganza went live this morning! And already we
have had many video entries go live!

Remember, this is your chance to win a free Wizard Membership plus earn
100% Affiliate Commissions (see contest rules). Any video that gets 100
views in YouTube earns you a month's free membership. Full details and
entry forms are here:



This contest is very simple - the video with the most views and best
quality wins. So how do you make a video that wins? The ideal would be to
create something that goes viral - ie a video that is so engaging and
compelling that people voluntarily pass it around and tell their friends
about it.

So how do you do that?

Obviously there are a whole host of ways to achieve that, but to get
something that is truly viral you will need to do something that REALLY
stands out. Here are some suggestions (in no particular order):

1. Make a video that is truly informative and instructional. Don't just
create an advertisement, really give people some value that will help them
in their business.

2. Make it funny or zany. This takes careful thought, and can easily miss
the mark if you just do another 'stupid person trying to kill themselves'
video. But create some clever sitcom, witty dialogue, or zany action and
you could do it. You are trying to achieve the "you have got to see this
video, it is SO funny" effect.

3. Make it shocking - the "OMG I can't believe this" type of movie that
gets passed around.

4. Make is sexy - hmm. no, lets not go there.


Making something viral is very difficult. So what else can you do to make
a compelling and valuable video?

People love peeping into other people's lives - the Big Brother effect.
Video blogs are surprisingly popular. So how about showing a bit of what
your life is like - what it means to be an internet marketer, how your life
is better since you embarked on that career. What day to day life is like -
what do you actually DO as a marketer? What toys, freedom, or other
benefits it has provided you and your family.

And of course weave in how the UAW has been instrumental in all that,

Seek to push people's hot buttons, the "gosh, I want that - is it really
that easy? Wow I have to get on board with this" effect.

A good video like this can drive you affiliate commissions as well as
wining the contest.


A good video won't just happen. Don't just turn on your web cam and start
talking. Don't just turn on Camtasia and start showing off your sites on

Plan it out first.

Every good video needs to have these elements:

A hook - "why should I watch / continue to watch this video?"

This is usually done by setting up some emotional hook - curiosity (what's
happening, what happens next), fear (OMG that could happen to me, how do I
prevent it), greed (I want that, how do I get it), humor (ha ha, that is so
funny, lets see if there is more)

A big hook for most internet marketers would be "why am I working so hard
for so little when that guy over there is working way less and earning way

Protagonists - A good guy and a bad guy. The good guy would be the Wizard.
The bad 'guy' could be the Search Engines, or the amount of time and
expense involved in promoting your site (time that could be better spent
elsewhere). These characters need to be established early in the movie.

The Conflict - "how does the battle between the good guy and bad guy play

The Climax - the good guy wins - your site climbs up the rankings and pops
into the number one spot.

The Resolution - you ride off into the sunset and enjoy all the free time,
toys, yachts, whatever that you now have. You are now the person that is
working way less and earning way more.

ALL good videos, even 30 second commercials, have all these components in
them. So sit down, do some thinking, plot out a story line, draft a script
... and put it all together!

We wish you the best of luck!

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