Ajax Web Applications at the Forefront of the Web 2.0 Revolution

As Web applications become more sophisticated, users can easily develop Web pages, create a blog, and upload their audios and videos easily. Today web users are becoming the news by reporting current
events faster then the professional news media and with more insight. AJAX software implementations make interacting with the web interfaces faster, and can allow for widget type mini-applications to live within HTML hypertext pages comfortably. We're entering a golden age period of friendly user interface with unbelievable innovation, as web 2.0 developers are finally able to build web applications as good or better then the PC-based desktop applications of yesterday. This shows that the developer community is embracing open, standards-based solutions and Ajax software.

Ajax, abreviation for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is the web 2.0 development software of choice for creating interactive web applications. It makes web pages feel more responsive by exchanging smaller amounts of data with the server in the background. This way the entire web page does not have to be reloaded each time the user makes a change. Their ease of use makes it simpler for users to compose blogs and assemble mashups. Because mashups leverage data and services from public domain websites and free web applications, they're simple to implement and they are built with a minimal amount of code. Their obvious business benefit is that they can be quickly implemented at very little development cost and the will improve your user satisfaction. The richer user-experience
afforded by Ajax software application has given birth to web 2.0 websites that act as PC- desktop applications, such as word processing or spreadsheet. The next step in this web 2.0 evolution will transform Ajax applications into new communications tools like the iPhone or iPod Touch connecting users to each other through web server channels. The key to this transformation lies with Ajax Push, a technique that gives the server the ability to update any part of any page at any time.In conclusion I would say that the AJAX methodology and software is the tool of choice to create better web-based application. Web-based tools and SaaS On-demand applications are fast becoming the pre
ferred method of online software delivery, providing users with more value, convenience, mobility, and usability. Also encouraging a more constructive community social interaction that is driven by its users and data. These new innovative web 2.0 online tools are now starting to become a serious interest in the business community.


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