Three Reasons Why Macs are Better Than Pcs

A lot of people are switching to Macintosh computers nowadays, and other people, non "geeky" people, have no clue why.

Today I am going to talk to you about a subject that I am very passionate about- why Macs are better than PCs. Macs are now the fastest rising brand of computers, and are quickly becoming more popular than their competitor- the PCs – as they should be, of course. But, as a result, lately many people have been questioning the rising of Macintosh computers. In a world where technology is improving every day, and everyone wants the best possible electronic that they can get, people don’t know whether to buy a Mac or a PC. Today, I’m going to talk to you about what the right decision is. I’m going to talk about why buying a Mac is the right choice. As an avid Mac user, I know about all the benefits of a Mac. I have also used a PC for years, so I know about them as well…so you can trust me to give you fair and legitimate reasons as to why Macs are better.

Anyways, enough with all that…let’s get down to business. Today, I have three main points to talk to you about. Three vital reasons, why Macs are by far, better computers to buy instead of PCs.

Firstly, I want to bring up the point of security. Macs are much much more secure than PCs. The chances of getting a virus on a Macintosh are greatly less than the chances of getting a virus on a PC. In fact, research shows that “Other than word macro viruses, there are over 20,000 PC viruses, yet only 40-80 Mac ones.” (Idol, 2001) Thus, by using a Mac you have a drastically less chance of getting a virus, trojan, or worm that could ruin your computer. Furthermore, even if you do happen to get one, there is no Mac virus that can destroy your hardware. For Windows, there are viruses that can wipe out the flash BIOS which would result in the computer being totally unusable (Idol, 2001). But because Macs are UNIX based, viruses cannot access and destroy the actual computer, and if by chance you do end up getting one of the rare viruses, the worst that can happen is that it destroys the software that you have installed. This means that you, as a Mac user, would not have to install and run additional security programs that could slow your computer down. Another thing with Macs is that you don’t have to keep on reformatting your hard drive or defragmenting it every so often (Haug, 2008). Unlike for Windows, which recommends reformatting once every year, Macs are continuously defragmenting themselves. This makes them more stable than other computers that run Windows, and it also frees the user of the burden of having to defragment or reformat every so often.

My second reason why Macs are better than PCs is because they have the ability to run virtually any program made for computers, while PCs do not. Many people withhold from buying Macs because they feel that they will not be able to run their favorite applications, programs, or games – but in fact, they are wrong. They can actually, run any program meant for Windows on a Mac. This is allowed by a program that Apple created, called “Boot Camp”. Boot Camp is a free program that comes preinstalled on every Mac that comes with Mac OS X- basically every Mac that you but from now on (Apple, 2008). What Boot Camp does, is that it creates a new partition on your Macs’ hard drive, on which Windows is installed. With this program, a user can just shut their Mac down, and restart their computer in Windows, which makes their Mac come up and act just like a PC – and according to tests run by “Popular Mechanics”, Windows runs even better on Macs than on PCs with the same specs. (Meagher, April 2008) As a result, a user is able to run programs and software that are meant for PCs on a Mac. It is not slower or missing any features, and is exactly the same as if a user was using Windows on a PC.

A common question asked is that if this is possible on a PC. Can a windows user emulate Mac OS X on a PC, and run all the programs that are meant for Macs? The answer is that there are no legal programs that allow this, and the illegal ones only work on some computers. The reason being is because the operating system for Macs is designed for the special Apple hardware, while the Windows Operating System is used on various hardware designed by different companies. As a result, it is not possible to run Mac on a PC, but it is possible to run Windows on a Mac. Wouldn’t one think that Mac AND Windows is much better than just Windows?


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