How to Create a PC Shut Down Program

Hello, i'm going to teach You, how to create a PC shuting down program yourself. It's very good thing to fool your friend's
So let's get started. Open a NotePad program. Whrite this text in NotePad shutdown -s -t 'time till PC shut's down' -c "Text, that will be showed when the program start's" It will look like this shutdown -s -t 120 -c "I'm going to shut down." 120 means second's till PC shut down, but you can enter your time.

After you entered the text, press Save As... Save your program entered name of that file and .bat, It'll look like this shutdown.bat and save. Now, to 100% fake your friend's, press that file properties and change icon and choose any icon you want, when you chosen an icon press save. That's all, you have a PC shut down program, you can send it to your friend's or fake you family, by leaving that item on the bacground. Remember, the better name you choose, the better thing, that people gonna open it.


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