Download any videos from youtube or google with NetVideoHunter

What is NetVideoHunter?

NetVideoHunter is a Firefox add-on (extension), with you can download videos and music from almost all video-sharing sites.

If you don't have the Firefox browser, first download them, then come back here (using Firefox) and install the NetVideoHunter add-on by clicking the green Install button below.
You viewing this page with Firefox, so you can install NetVideoHunter add-on by clicking the Install button below.
Install NetVideoHunter Add-on to Firefox
version 0.4.2
updated: 2009.04.09.

  1. Click the Allow... button
  2. Than the Install button
  3. If the installation is completed you need to restart Firefox to use the add-on

After the installation you can download for example from the following sites:

YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Dailymotion, iFilm, Videoegg, Veoh,, etc...

  1. Click here to Install NetVideoHunter add-on for Firefox (if not installed)!
  2. Go to the page where the video (or music) player is and play the video (if not started automatically)!
  3. If the play begins, then the NetVideoHunter captures the videolink (if it's possible), and the video counter on the lower-right corner of the Firefox window (near the NetVideoHunter icon) is incremented.
  4. After then, you can click on the NetVideoHunter icon, and the NetVideoHunter window opens with the list of the captured videos and music.

  5. In this NetVideoHunter window you can see the list of captured media files and you can Play or Download them.

The list of videos stored until you not close Firefox.

You can download music too, if it's in a player on a website (for example like Myspace Music player).

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