Installing Windows Server 2003 From Network Share

You can install Windows Server 2003 directly from the CD-Rom or from a network share.

The Windows Server 2003
installation process consists of five stages:

Hard Drive Preparation:
In text mode Setup checks the hard drive for consistency and errors. It allows you to format and create the Windows Server 2003 partition if you need to and copies setup files to the hard drive. Setup then reboots the computer.
Setup Wizard:
The graphical user interface Setup Wizard gathers information from you; such as regional settings, your name and organization, the Windows Server 2003 CD-key, and computer name. The Windows Server 2003 Setup Program then creates the local Administrator user account and requests a password for it.
Installing Network Components:
After the Setup Wizard has gathered the necessary information from you in Stage 2, it begins the network components installation. It detects your network adapter card; allows you to choose which network components, such as the network client, file and printer sharing and protocols, to install; allows you to join a workgroup or domain; and installs the components you have chosen.
Completing the installation:
The Setup Wizard completes the installation by installing the start menu items and applying and saving the configuration settings you chose in the previous stages. It then deletes the temporary setup files and reboots the computer.
Post Installation:
After the installation is complete, you must perform the "Product Activation" and configure your server. You should also check your device manager for undetected or nonfunctioning hardware components.

Installing Windows Server 2003 from a Network Share

To install Windows Server 2003 over the network you must copy the i386 folder from the Windows Server 2003 Installation CD to a shared network folder. You must also ensure that the computer has a can connect to the network share when it has booted.


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