Remotely Shut Down Your PC

Windows XP has a feature that allows users remotely control their systems. To enable Remote Desktop, click Start, and then click Control Panel. If you’re using Classic View, click System. In Category View, click Performance And Maintenance, and then click System. Click the Remote tab and then click the check box in the Remote Desktop area of the dialog box. An information box appears and states that you must have the computer
password protected, and that the proper port must be open if you’re using Internet connection sharing or a personal firewall.

You can shutdown or restart your computer from a remote location by entering commands. First, click Start, and then click All Programs. Click Accessories, and then click Command Prompt. To restart your computer, type shutdown –r and press ENTER. To shutdown your computer, type shutdown –s and press ENTER. If you type shutdown and press ENTER, you will get other options.

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