Fix Windows 98 Shutdown Problem

Some users of Windows 98 have had problems with their PCs hanging up at “Windows is Shutting Down…”, whereas it is supposed to move onto shut itself down. There are usually two causes for this. One is that there is a program running which Windows cannot shut down. Usually, it is a program which is running in your System Tray. In order to determine which one it is, just shut down manually one program each time you shut the PC down, making note of the one you exited. When Windows successfully shuts down, you can be pretty sure the system tray program you shut down just prior to thart is the culprit. The other possibility is that you need to update your copy of Windows. Use the Windows Update service and download the latest patches. The first edition of Windows 98 had an issue with its power management that kept it from shutting down properly. An update could fix it.

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