My Mac Will Kill Your PC. Twice.

My friend, Kyle Graham, did a video where he openly declared that his PC will kill my Mac. He compared his experience with his expensive Macbook to his experience with his $400 PC.

Now, I can’t let this ballsy maneuver go without a response, can I? So, I recorded a video response.

Oh, and sorry for the weirdism happening at the beginning of the video. I’m working on it.

Let me dissect Kyle’s points here:

1. Airport card died. Sorry about that, man. All I can say is that I have 3 Macs and have had literally no problems with any of them. I think you might have a defective Mac.
2. Mac is super expensive. Yep, you’re paying for the fruit. However, they are powerful machines that last a long time.
3. Mac users are like a cult. Cute stereotype, but most Mac users aren’t like that.
4. Everything has to come through Apple. Not true. I don’t buy anything except the computer from Apple. Everything else comes from third-party vendors. There is nothing about my Mac that I feel I can’t do because of Apple.
5. Expensive cable for hooking up your monitor. What? I had a cable come with my Mac and I can plug any monitor into my Macs. I didn’t have to spend any money on weird cables. Oh, and yes, the Apple monitors are ridiculously overpriced.
6. Apple won’t allow you to do everything with your computer. Again, what? Find me ONE thing that I cannot pull off with my Macs. This claim might be true with the Iphone, but not the Mac. You can do anything you want with it.

All in all, Kyle has some good points. Yes, Apple is pricey. It gives the PC guys reason to rip on Apple.

Alright, PC Mech’ers. Rip me up. Go!

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