To Register a Domain Name

How to Register a Domain Name

How to Register a Domain Name is very important because you will need a website with a registered domain name before you can start to sell your product online. In order to make money online, you will need to get lots of traffic to your website and therefore, for the search engine optimization purpose, it is very important to choose the right set of long tail keywords as the URL for your website so you can get lots of free traffic for your website in the future.

The steps for Choosing the Domain Name

1) The first step to choose the right set of long tail keywords is always to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool as your keyword's research tool, you can find more information about this tool from my previous Hub, Make-Money-Online-with-Google-AdWords-Keyword-Tool. With this tool, you will be able to find the best keyword combination by looking at the traffic volume of each keyword from the table. After you have done with your keyword research, start to choose the top level domain (TLD) for your website, the top level domain is the final part of the website address such as ".com", ".net" or ".org". Then, combine your long tail keywords with the top level domain to get your website address, for example, if you combine the long tail keywords "Learn Java Window Apple iPhone" with the top level domain ".com", you will get "". Now wait a minute! Can you spot what is wrong with this domain name? Due to no spacing is allowed in between the words of the domain name, you will need to use the (-) to separate those keywords or else you will get the word like LearnJavaWindowAppleiPhone instead of Learn-Java-Window-Apple-iPhone. What will happen next is that when the Google bot indexes your site, it will read your domain name word by word and LearnJavaWindowAppleiPhone will be interpreted as one word instead of five ( Learn Java Window Apple iPhone). LearnJavaWindowAppleiPhone will not bring you any traffic although it is so unique and you can easily get to the top spot in Google SERP as compared to Learn-Java-Window-Apple-iPhone which will take sometime for you to get there. Anyway, after you have done with all the hard work, it is time to go to the second step.

2) Type in your domain name which is now into the Google search box to find out whether that domain name is still available or not. If the domain name is still available, then all you need to do is just to register it at those online domain name registration sites. But how about if that domain name has already been taken by other? Then you will need to go through the step one process all over again. Or, you can check out those online buy domain name site and try to buy the domain name from the domain's owner. After you have filled up the Domain Buy Service Agreement form from the online buy domain name site, you will get your Certified Appraisal within 2 business days. After that, the domain buy agent will negotiate with the owner of that domain name for the lowest possible price and if the owner accepts your offer, then the deal is closed.

As we all can see, a good web domain names has become increasingly important to most of the website owners nowadays because we know that we all will need lots of traffic before we can start to make money online.

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