Five Best Stereo Headphones

Whether it is the best selling Apple iPod or the latest mp3 / mp4 players or any other audio players, you can't go without the best stereo headphone. The Apple iPod has incredible design, classic looks, marketing and usability. The Apple iPod revalorized the iPod / Music world and many of the newer iPods coming in the market are trying to copy or beat Apple with better design.

One of the best features of the Apple iPod is the incredible range of accessories being made major global manufacturers. Every one wants a piece of the iPod. Enjoying the thrilling music experience is never complete until you have the best headphone. There are wide range of Headphones which makes the right choice little difficult. Investing money on a headphone may be expensive if you don't get the best deal.

Here are the five best iPod Stereo Headphones, ranked by majority of users:

1. Sennheiser PX 100

This stereo headphone tops the list especially if you are looking for the best but economical headphone. With ergonomic design and great stereo sound, Sennheiser PX100 and the most economical Price for a product of this quality, it a a must-have accessory for portables, music players, mp3, mp4, iPods and iPhones.

The PX 100 open dynamic supra-aural mini headphones are perfect for mobile players. Their outstanding sound reproduction and foldable design make them ideal for outdoor use and traveling. Its' state-of-the-art : fold and flip design" allows the ear cups to be turned through 90° and fold the headphones closed. The small and sleek design makes it fit into the shirt pocket. With a weight of only 65 gm, this headphone is not only light but is also light on your pocket with a price range between - $69.95 - $49.99

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