Best Netbook February 2010 Review

Best Netbook Model of February 2010

It has been 2 years since netbooks entered market and become one of the best choice of computing for students.

Students get many benefits from netbooks. Many can now have their own computer . Netbooks have many interesting role for students, especially the price, size, and weight.

There are many models in the market today, students are spoilt for choice. Lets now take a look at one of the best netbook models for 2010

Asus Eee PC 1005PE - Best Seller on Amazon for February 2010.

Asus Eee PC 1005PE

is truly amazing. It is slim. Just 1.4 inches. It weighs a mere 2.8 pounds. From the size and weight, it is an ideal netbook for students.

It is capable powered unit for 11 hours of work on a single charge

Students should'nt worrying about the power of this netbook in their daily college work.. Take notes, play a game, browsing internet, writing documents, ets. Don't forget to recharge it to full capacity at home every day.

It has a better keyboard than the 1005HA with a change to the chiclet style. The battery life of the 1005PE is up to an incredible 11 hours. Expect real life situations to give you around 9 or 10 hours. That is incredible. It comes with Bluetooth! It has just been released at here:

What customers are saying about the New Asus Eee PC 1005PE netbook:

I purchased this little computer about a week ago and so far it has been great. So far I have not found anything to complain about with the computer so I will list a few of the things I like:

- Even with the extended capacity battery, the computer is very light and portable
- The battery life is great! My daughter watched movies for almost 8 hours on our plane ride home without a hitch or stutter. After being in use for nearly the entire flight, it still had 35% of the battery remaining. Another note on the battery, in the earlier 1005 netbooks, the battery would stick out past the screen on the rear of the netbook. That is no longer the case, on the 1005PE it is flush with the rear of the netbook.
- The keyboard is nice and decent size. I almost bought a Toshiba solely because I did not like the keyboard on the 1005HA version of this machine. Asus changed the keyboard on this model to a chiclet keyboard which is much better. I saw one review that thought the keyboard was flimsy. As far as I can tell, the Asus has no more flexibility in the keyboard than the Acer or Toshiba netbooks I looked at.
- Windows 7 starter and Asus Utility. I saw a few reviews where people complained about Win7 Starter. Again, so far no problems with the OS, it does what it is intended to do. As far as the complaints about changing the background on the desktop, Asus was kind enough to provide a utility that makes changing the background very easy.
- WLAN - since I bought the netbook, it has been in 6 locations that have wireless internet and it has jumped on the network easily each time regardless on encryption.

A couple more thoughts on netbooks in general:
- Netbooks are not desktop replacements or miniture laptops. They are intended to provide basic computing and internet needs. If you are expecting it to fly through huge power point presentations or apps that require a lot of RAM and processing power you will be disappointed. If all you need is a computer that travels easily and will allow you to surf the web, play music and video and run office programs, netbooks can be a very good choice.
- I would recommend that anyone who buys a netbook remove as much of the installed software as they can. I was able to remove alot of pre-loaded junk and the netbook ran faster. Here are a few program that I think every netbook should have: Firefox or Google Chrome for internet, vlc (Videolan) for music and movie playback, Open Office 3 for word processing, spreadsheets, etc and Foxit Reader for opening .pdf files.
Also, I have seen several recommendations to replace the 1GB Ram with a 2GB stick. I have not done this yet and it still works great. At the moment I have a 4GB SD card installed to see if there are any performance gains using the Windows Reafyboost function. So far so good.

The bottom line is that this netbook has exceeded my expectations and is a solid little machine. I would recommend it to anyone in search of a good netbook. By Bizzybee (Virginia Beach, VA United States)

Got this for the long battery life. It really does get most of the advertised 14 hours. Got about 11 hours with wireless access during most of that time, a fair amount of work on the machines, and there was still a tiny bit of battery life left. So I'd say the numbers (14 hours would reflect less work and less wireless use) are not too far off. The machine is very sleek, somewhat heavy for its size (the battery probably makes up a good deal of the weight gain), and the Windows 7 is usable. I'd say that it was a good package if battery life were near the top of your desire list.

- Genuinely good battery life
- Works fine, hardware & software
- Looks good, especially the display

- Slightly heavy for the size and definitely heavier than some other netbooks
- Windows 7 "Starter" edition, if that matters to you
- Probably would run faster with more memory standard

By Michael A. Duvernois (Minneapolis, MN United States)

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