How To Properly Sync Contacts To Your Blackberry With Mac

Many people just don't get how to put in contacts into their new Blackberry. Some have difficulties moving their contacts from their old phones, some other just don't have any idea how to. Now, I'm going to guide you to properly sync your Blackberry with your Mac. However, this is not just a plug-and-sync. Quite a few steps must be done to really properly get all your contacts into your Blackberry. But don't worry. Once you learn how, you can call all your contacts from your Blackberry :)

First, we need a syncing application. I'm giving you 2 options : PocketMac for Blackberry, an original and free syncing tool from Research In Motion, or Missing Sync for Blackberry by Mark/Space (you may get one for $39.95, but if you rather save your money, just download a 15-days trial version).

Although PocketMac is free, from my personal experience, it does not sync so well. There has been rumors that PocketMac only works with older models of Blackberry. However, I have already tried syncing Curve 8300 and 8900 and it worked. Just, like I said, it doesn't sync well. Some bugs appeared on 8300 after the syncing (like contacts unable to be opened or windows appearing saying "Javascript bla bla bla"). And...PocketMac doesn't support syncing through bluetooth!

So, even though it is a trial version, I do recommend you syncing with Missing Sync. And that's what I am going to use to explain to you how to sync a Blackberry properly.

First Step

Download a trial version of Missing Sync. If you want to spend an additional $40, it may be better.

Second Step

Have your contacts inserted in Mac's Address Book. This can be done through several ways. If you already have your contacts manually added in the Address Book, that will be fine. but if you are about to move contacts from old phones, use iSync.

iSync can sync contacts from many phone vendors, but Blackberry. However, I remind you that some new phone models require an additional plug-in to be able to be synced with iSync. This additional plug-in can be obtained, and usually free of charge, from each vendor or by Apple itself.

Third Step

After you have entered all your contacts into Address Book, it's time for some additional preparation before syncing. This is a problem I found when I was about to sync my own Blackberry. Blackberry does not recognize multiple numbers on one contact with the same category.

You see above that there are 2 mobile categories. If it is synced so, Blackberry will only recognize the first number. To avoid this, change one of the number's category into something else ("work", "home", "other"). DO NOT choose the "main" category as it is also not recognized by Blackberry.

Do so on every contact with multiple numbers. Quite tiring, especially if you have hundreds of contacts. But there's no other option. You wouldn't want to miss an important contact, would you?

And don't forget to put all your contacts into a group if you don't want to sync every single contact or if you only want specific contacts to be put on your device. This will simplify your work a lot.

And another note : Do not let any contact without name. Blackberry devices with OS 4.2 and greater cannot accept "No Name" contacts. You must give it a name or it won't be synced!

So let's go to the next step. We're ready to sync!

Fourth Step

Before you can even start syncing with Missing Sync, you need to download the Missing Sync application for you device. This can be done in 2 ways : open from your Blackberry browser and directly download it from there, or you can simply copy the Device App folder from Applications>Missing Sync For Blackberry into your Blackberry. You may copy this by inserting your memory card into the desktop and copy-paste or through USB using Mass Storage Mode.

When this is done, on your device, open Media, then Menu>Explore. Open the Device App folder. It must contain a file named MissingSync.jad. Click the file and download it. Reboot after installation.

Fifth Step

Connect Blackberry to your Mac through USB. Even though Missing Sync's speciality is its ability to sync through Bluetooth, the first sync must be done through USB. Afterwards, you can always sync through Bluetooth.

Open Missing Sync. A window like this will appear.

In order to sync contacts, check the box on the left of "Contacts". You may also check the others if you would like to sync them, too. Then, double-click the rightmost writing ("Do nothing" or "Copy selected groups to device...") on the Next Sync Action column. A window like this will appear :

On the Contacts Setting you may choose what's best for you, whether you want to synchronize so that new contacts on your device gets on your desktop and vice versa, or just put contacts on the desktop to your device. Also choose whether you want to sync ALL contacts from your Address Book or only selected ones. Like I said, making groups of your contacts will then help you very much. The, click "OK". You will return to the main window.

Now, you may start syncing. Click "Synchronize" on the top bar.

Your Blackberry has been synced successfully. CONGRATULATIONS!

If you want to sync through Bluetooth afterwards, just turn on your bluetooth on your device. Make sure it is already paired with your Mac. You can open Missing Sync on your Blackberry and click "Synchronization" or directly click "Synchronize" from your desktop Missing Sync.

Have a try!!

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