Six Weird Computer Mice You Don't See Around Often

People are designing many different looks for the computer mouse. Here are some that may look strange, but have many other useful functions.

Keypad Mouse

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This one is handy for number crunchers on the road: a mouse that doubles as a numerical keypad. It's better than holding down the Function Key on your laptop for a number keypad, but most people would want it in wireless. Not very ergonomically confortable either.

Cursor shaped Mouse

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Here's an unusual and interesting design: a mouse shaped like a Cursor. We are assured that it is comfortable to use, it's wireless, and that it's no bigger than any other mouse. Judging by the image, we would probably think likewise.

Skype Phone Mouse

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This has a handy function for Skype users: a mouse that can be used for making calls. Complete with microphone and audio control.


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Be careful about what you say round this mouse. It has an inbuilt condenser microphone - capable of picking up on any nearby conversations
. The website for this product even say "Exterior look and specifics are subject to change without warning", so watch out - any mouse could be a suspect.
Two Computer Mice you won't find in Shops
The Minty Box

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When you have a spare optical mouse and you've got dremel tools, a minty tin, epoxy glue, a mini-hack saw, and around 4 hours of free time, this is what you get: the creative 'Minty Mouse'

Nintendo Mouse

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Somebody bougght an old Nintendo Controler and installed an optical mouse inside. Result: very cool mod.


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