How to Find the Best Laptop

The crucial moment in asking the salesman to give you the best laptop that suit you. The faster, the performance is what all matter in this article.

Firstly look at the Ghz. Usually the Ghz is written in first line of the laptop specification. This is where it will determine the speed of the laptop. Remember, most of the laptop feature can be upgraded, but not this one. The Ghz thing is inside the processor. The higher it is the faster your laptop will perform. Processor with 2.5Ghz is much faster compare to 1.66Ghz.

Second, look at the RAM specification. Most of the people just ask how much is the RAM. That is a good question, but there is another important thing we have to ask; What is the maximum RAM capacity for this laptop. Mostly that I found at my place the maximum capacity is 4GB. If you can find higher, thats better for you. Usually the RAM can be upgraded when buying a laptop. So, when you are buying a laptop, ask the shop to upgrade your RAM for free. Some would give, and some would not.-smile-

Third thing is the hard drive. Usually the capacity of the hard drive doesn't matter for laptop. This is because, usually laptop are use for works, writing document, surfing the net at restaurant, shopping complex and other places.

But for the heavy user, this is the vital point in looking a laptop. Some people store musics, movies, games and many more in the hard drive. These application will need a huge hard disk. Nowadays, you could get big capacity hard disk in laptop like the 320GB and more. Anyway, there is a portable hard drive, just buy the 1TB portable hard drive. Probably, the hard drive would be enough for you for some time.

The fourth thing that is important to see, is the type of external memory card that can be read. The laptop card reader is vital for gadget user. They will need a card reader that can read M2, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Micro SD and many more that doesn't require any adapter. Usually the external memory card is stored in gadget like MP4, handphone, PSP and others.


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