How to Install All the Games or Programs You Want and Not Use Up All Your Hard Drive Space

About saving space yet keeping all your games/programs installed.

How to save hard drive space while installing all the games/programs you want.

Here is my short guide of how to install all the programs you want for a minimal amount of cash and time.

Your first step is to buy a small portable hard drive that runs solely from usb power, a good example of this is Maxtor's Black Armor hard drive which is not too pricy and also has encryption as a nice extra feature. But any small usb hard drive will work.

Once you have your nice shiny new hard drive plug it in and set it up then go to my computer (just computer if you are using vista) and find your hard drive and open it up so you can see what's on it (probably nothing right now) then open up your C drive (again in my computer) and go to program files and look for programs that you don't need to run. A good example is if you have crysis (a pc game) installed and you don't want to uninstall it but you need more space for age of empires 3. Find your crysis folder and cut (ctrl+x) and then paste (ctrl+v) it onto your external hard drive. Now you have crysis on your external hard drive and enough room for age of empires. Is you want to play crysis again the cut and paste age of empires onto your hard drive and then cut and paste crysis back into program files.
Thanks for reading and I hope this all makes sense...


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