How to Find Mistakenly Deleted Files From PC/Flash Drives

Wondering how to retrieve a file you mistakenly deleted and emptied from your PC recycle bin or images and files from your digital camera, flash drives, mp3 player?

When you delete a file from your computer, it is normally moved to the recycle bin of your computer and if you empty the recycle bin then it seems you have finally cleaned the file from your computers system. Or did ever mistakenly deleted some images or files from your digital camera's flash drive or mp3 player and you wondering how you could retrieve the deleted files?

Well there are several ways out there to retrieve your deleted files, but I will like us to examine an example which is very simple and practical its a freeware windows utility by Recuva that you can actually download for free at the site

* Once installed on your computer you can actually scan for files deleted from your computers hard drive mistakenly or by bugs, crashes and viruses
* image and other files deleted from your flash drives (memory card, usb, mp3 player, external hard drives).
* The normal scan will likely give no results but if you select the advanced option and run a scan selecting the drive that you had the deleted file originally
* It will take relatively more time to complete the scan process depending on the size of the drive in question, but it certainly worth it.
* Plus it has a preview window to actually preview the files (in the case of image files) found so you can actually confirm which files you will like to recover.
* And a check box next to each file and by clicking to the check box next the specific file you will like to retrieve the recover function is activated
* Clicking the recover button gives you the option to select the location where you will like to save your recovered file and you have your deleted file again.


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