Top 10 Money Making Dot-Com Business for 2010

There's no Business like Dot-Com Business
Internet will still be a place for blogger and webmaster to make money online in the year 2010 because there is no other business like the Dot-Com business which can help us to make lots of money in this bad economic situation, with just a small investment of our time and money, we will be able to earn a good living through the Dot-Com model.
Top 10 Dot-Com Business for The Year 2010
Below are the top 10 most profitable Dot-Com business that you might want to look into themseriously this year if you really want to earn some big fat profits online.
1) Forex, set up a website that teaches people how to invest in forex and sign up with those forex affiliate programs that will bring you high reward if a customer creates an account with that online forex trading platform through your affiliate link and start to spend money on forex trading. You will earn your first commission when he starts to invest money in his account and you will make more money each time he spends more money on that site.
2) The pet website is another type of website which can help you to really make money online. If you are good in dog training, then set up a website about dog training programs and sell the pet products online will really turn your skills into profit.
3) Set up a daily news blog, turn yourself into a news commentator and go to the place such as USNEWs to read the daily news from USA and the rest of the world, then write your own point of view about those stories on your own blog. Submit your stories to Yahoo!Buzz to drive readers to your site and when you have enough daily readers, find 3 to 6 sponsors for your blog and start to turn traffic into profit. Entertainment, Sport, Politic, Economic, Gaming and Tech news are those that will drive traffic to your blog, focus on those topics and write blog posts about your point of view towards those news that make the headlines.
4) Never underestimate the blog about men's fitness and women's fitness because fitness is one of the most important elements in our daily life. Use your fitness blog to promote the health and fitness products online and make money from those product sales.
5) A video blog will drive in lots of traffic as well, sign up with the video rental affiliate program such as Netflix and make money when you direct a customer to sign up with them through those banner ads and text links on your blog, send customers to them, and you will make money, it is just that simple. If you can drive lots of daily viewers to watch your video online, then you should consider to sign up with VideoEgg to maximize the profit for your video blog as well.
6) If you are a good programmer, then use your skill to start a Java, Php or a C++ website and sell the software products from Amazon to your readers or even offer to write program for your client and get paid by him directly through PayPal, programming language is a big business but you will need lots of programming 'know how' to start a programming language's website.
7) Set up a Hi-Tech website helping consumers to spend smart money on tech products by providing them with the latest pricing information for PC, Laptop, Digital Camera and flat screen Tv, then sign up with the affiliate program such as Best Buy and start to earn your commission whenever you make a sale.
8) Start a travel blog and sign up with the travel affiliate program and start to make money online when customer purchased a travel product through your affiliate link.
9) Set up a Twitter blog with sponsored to tweet type of affiliate program banner on it, when an advertiser has sign up with the program through your link and starts to spend money on the advertising tweets, you will earn commissions from it, this is a big business nowadays and it will become even bigger on 2010.
10) Start a photo blog and earn money by promoting your own photo products such as T-shirt, Mugs and other Photo Gifts from your online stores at Cafepress and Zazzle to your potential buyers.
2010 will be an exciting year for the dot-com industry, so lets get ready for another round of internet madness, shall we?

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