How To Get A Free UseNext Account

If anybody doesn't know what UseNext is, it is basically a piece of download software.. The difference between UseNext and common sites such as RapidShare is that UseNext will allow you to download files from its database at a stupidly fast speed, at least as fast as your own Internet connection allows. They have thousands of movies, music albums, software packages, and almost every digital product you can think of; I myself managed to download an entire movie in around 6 minutes. Anybody with experience or knowledge of downloading movies will know that this is extremely fast!

Now, UseNext is NOT a free site but they do offer a 14 day trial, before asking you to pay an astonishing 80 Euros per month to use their highest spec service. The thing is, they actually want to charge you for the trial! This may only be a few euros, but surely a trial should be free? Thanks to me, and this article, you will be shown how you can get this 14 day trial for no charge whatsoever......... The ONLY way that you will get a free UseNext account.

The Free UseNext Account Trick.....

Follow these simple steps to get your free UseNet account.......

1. Go to and click on the banner which says "Get Your Risk Free 14 Day Trial".

2. Clicking on this link brings you to a long form for you to enter your details. This is where you are expected to enter your personal information, entering fake information works perfectly fine, meaning that you can happily avoid the inevitable spam that these programmes will bring. The only bit that you must enter correctly is an email address which you can access. Just click on 'Next'

3. You will now be taken to a payment screen. Make sure that you select 'Paypal' as your payment option, they state that this entails a 1 euro processing fee. Accept the terms and conditions at this point and press 'Complete Order' at the bottom of the page. Don't worry, they can't take money from your paypal account at this stage!

4. You will now be taken to the paypal payment screen. Enter your real life paypal email address, but get your password incorrect intentionally on three consecutive occasions. You will be informed by paypal that you have entered your password(s) incorrectly. Believe it or not, this will trick the UseNext payment system into believing that you have paid.

5. You should receive an email confirmation from UseNext shortly after this, giving you your username and password for the website. You can change account setting etc. if you wish. You will be presented with the option of downloading the UseNext software, which you should subsequently download.

6. When you open the software you are asked to provide your username and password, which you were given in the confirmation email. DO NOT enter these details, as UseNext will subsequently send you an email asking for payment. Instead, just leave these details blank and close the software.

7. UseNext will subsequently send you a new username and password within a few days (yes they are that stupid!) and you can use these to login with these without paying a single penny.

And hey presto! You now have a free UseNet account trial and haven't given them any of your personal details.

Sound Like A Lot Of Work For 1 Euro?

You can use this trick multiple times, an infinite amount of times in fact, saving yourself about 80 euros a month. That's over 1,000 euros per year for this fantastic piece of software, which you are getting completely free..... and because of their own system faults. UseNext completely and utterly pisses all over standard p2p or torrent programmes, as it is about 25 times quicker and without the spyware/malware issues.

Have fun ;)

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