How to Make an Interactive Quiz for Your Homepage

Use a simple free online tool to make an interactive quiz for your homepage.


  1. Go to Funbased Learning
  2. Click the "Make my own quiz" link
  3. Fill in the blanks and click the "Create Quiz" button
  4. See your quiz, test it out.
  5. Pick "Save" from the File menu. You see a message saying the Web page may not save correctly. Save it anyways and give it a nice name like "quiz.htm"
  6. Take the file you saved and upload it to your homepage.


  • Don't enter quotation marks or your quiz may not work.
  • Users need Internet Explorer for the quiz to work.
  • The tools is intended for use by adults only. If you are not an adult, you must have an adult approve your content before you click "Create Quiz".


  • Follow the usual internet precautions re: what information you should or shouldn't put on your homepage or the quiz

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