WS_FTP Telnet trick

Although this might seem basic, here are three keyboard shortcuts that definitely save time when working in Windows or Windows 95. Almost all Windows programs have an edit menu where the user can CUT, COPY, or PASTE information, but those options are not always available all the time and some programs disable them. So, listed below you will find the keyboard shortcut keys to accomplish these tasks.

  1. To COPY an item from a page and place it on the clipboard. Simply highlight the piece of text, graphic, etc. with your mouse and then press CTRL-C. To press CTRL-C simply hold down the CTRL key and press the C key at the same time. This will COPY the item to the clipboard.
  2. To CUT an item. Highlight the text, and press CTRL-X. The text or graphic will disappear and be cut to the clipboard.
  3. To PASTE an item. Make sure you have something on the clipboard to paste by either copying or cutting an item beforehand. Then, place your cursor where you want the item and press CTRL-V to paste it there.

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