How to Use a Proxy

A short tutorial on how to use a proxy.
This is not a list of proxy’s and you need to find one before you can use this. Just go to one of the main search engines and type in “proxy list.” You should have quite a few options come up. Get one of them and highlight the whole bar, right click on it, and click copy. Then on your internet click the tools drop down menu and click on internet options. Go to the tab marked connections. Above the Cancel and Apply buttons there should be a button marked “LAN Settings.” Click on it, and a dialogue box should open.

It will be divided into two parts, but you just want the bottom half. Click on the box the reads: “Use a proxy for your LAN…” Now right click on the top white bar and click paste. Make sure that the port is 80 and also check the box that says: “Bypass proxy server for local addresses.” Click okay and you are back at your home page. Enter any site into the address bar and you will be sent to the proxy homepage instead. Now just enter the website that you want to browse and you are good to go!


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