StickDuino, USB stick Arduino clone

The Arduino hardware clones keep rolling in. This weeks entry into the modern dev board's roster is the StickDuino. The board is designed to be fully hardware compatible and plugs directly into your USB port. The StickDuino uses all SMD components. The creators know that this can make assembly more difficult so they've space the components out, opted for larger pads, and collected some links to SMD tutorials. The board feature two more analog inputs than the Diecimila and it has a jumper so you can switch it to 3.3V. All around it looks like a great product; frankly we love anything with full board layouts.

  • Exposes all Arduino Diecimila pins
  • Fits directly into most USB ports
  • Pin 13 LED
  • Onboard USB using the same FT232RL used on the Arduino Diecimila and others
  • ATmega168 SMD microcontroller. (Pre-programmed with the Diecimila boot loader, if purchased as a kit.)
    • Two additional Analog In pins compared to through-hole ATmega168 based boards (including the NG and Diecimila)
  • Auto-reset, just like the Diecimila
  • Completely open-source design

Differences from the Arduino:

  • Shields will not 'plug in' because the physical shape is so different. You can, of course, use wires to connect the shield to the StickDuino pins.


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