Why Use Free File Hosting Services?

For the ever-growing army of internet users, free file hosting is essential, offering a range of benefits to suit every possible type of computer user. Whether you want to share files with friends and family, or find a secure place to back up your computer files, free file hosting is for you.

Some of the Benefits of Free File Hosting are:

  • Back Up: A free file hosting service allows you to back up and store data, accessing it whenever you want, quickly and easily. Free file hosting brings peace of mind, if your hard drive fails, and ensures that you don’t have to keep adding bigger and bigger hard drives.

Filedropper is one of the leading free file hosting services.
Filedropper is one of the leading free file hosting services.
  • Storage: For the modern businessperson, laptops and notebooks are a great way to work on the move. The downside is that the hard drives are limited in size, preventing you carrying all but the most basic data. The growth of mobile internet services now means that you can store your data with a free file host service, and access it from anywhere.
  • Share Data: Free file hosting services allow friends, family and colleagues to download files, without the added hassle of attaching them to e-mails. Most e-mail providers limit attachments to 20MB, so you can forget sharing your family photo album or glossy business brochures.
  • Privacy: Many people have sensitive information that they do not want to store on a home computer or laptop. A free file uploading service will securely store data and allow you to access it from anywhere, without compromising your security.

How Does Free File Hosting Work?

The idea is simple; you upload a file, share the link with friends and colleagues, and they can download the file, easily and quickly. This avoids the 20MB limit imposed by most e-mail providers, and ensures that you only need to upload the file once, rather than repeating the painstaking e-mail process every time you want to share. You can forward the link by email, or even embed it in a social networking site, allowing friends and colleagues to access information, painlessly.

Free file hosting is a great option for people constantly on the move
Free file hosting is a great option for people constantly on the move

Common Problems With Free File Hosting Services

The problem with many of the mainstream free file upload sites is that they have become complacent, and trade off their name. They have become bloated, and impose harsh restrictions, such as imposing a countdown timer, or limiting file sizes. Many leave you stranded in a field of aggressive advertising, searching for the tiny, hidden download link. They have forgotten the end-user, who wants to upload and download files without having to jump through hoops.

As more people begin to understand the process, they have become switched off by the aggressive marketing tactics of the big players, and look for simplicity and elegance. Users want their free file hosting to have an intuitive interface, with no underhand tricks to second-guess their every move, and drive them towards a minefield of adverts and hidden charges.

Navigate the free file hosting maze
Navigate the free file hosting maze
Upload large files with filedropper
Upload large files with filedropper

Finding a Reputable Free File Hosting Service

There are many free file hosting services online, some god, some bad, and some just downright ugly. Navigating the maze can be a thankless task, and a little knowledge and forethought will help you to cut out the trash. With a few pointers, you can find a free file hosting service that does exactly what it promises.

  • Time Limit: Some ‘free’ file hosting services place a time limit on your file storage and, after a few months, they will expect you to pay money, tying you to their service.
  • Upload and Download Limit: Many file hosting services place draconian restrictions on the size of your upload and, especially if you are using the service for business purpose, this can be extremely frustrating.
  • Speed Limits: Many free file hosts restrict your speed, making a mockery of the broadband that you paid for. Usually, this is intended to force you to sign up for the ‘Premium’ service.
  • Registration: We all know how this works: You sign up, give them your email address, and then your spam filter has to work overtime. A good free file hosting service will let you share files, without the rigmarole of handing over your details.

A reputable free file host will be simple and clean, letting you get on with the job in hand, without having to register or pay the fees. Following these tips will allow you to find the best free file upload provider, ensuring that your data is safe and easily accessible.

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